Home Sweet Home - Apollo House Takeover


Everyone would be too busy taking selfies of themselves rioting to actually do any damage.


Unfortunately true.


Someone is listening to you!


Power to the person✊


Apollo house protest #sendnudes


And we’re clear.



All the mugs who gave Brendan Ogle cash to start the next left wing demagogue project.


Shows it up for what it was from the start - a publicity vehicle for Ogle and several others. You’d feel sorry for the @glasagusban types who got sucked in …


Who should pay?

Somebody else. Always somebody else.


The fact that they wouldn’t accept rough sleepers with addiction issues was disgraceful and not called out by the star struck media.


Unions stopped caring about the poor a long time ago. Ogle belatedly jumped on the Water Charge bandwagon once it was in full swing. He should never have been let near this one but I’m guessing he’s good at plamasing genuine folk. A chancer like Eddie Hobbs.



The Daily Mail :rollseyes:


The Irish Mail on Sunday pal


Pat Eddery is some cunt to do that.


Yep. The Irish version of the British paper that supported Hitler. Really compelling argument you are putting forward there with that cut and paste.


The capitalist drones on this site will believe any old garbage the right wing media feeds them.


Godwins Law in 2. Wow.

You are behaving like a Limerick based sports journalist now in determining what is and is not acceptable comment and source material.


The problem with socialism is always socialists .


They can’t tell the wood from the trees. There’s a huge national scandal going on surrounding NAMA and these lads are delirious over a hatchet job on some homeless campaigners.