House Cleaning

Too many muldoons talking shite on too many threads.

Flano, you might set aside half an hour at your leisure to give this place a once over.

Thanks in advance.

Flano is a nobody here these days.
If you are looking for a house to be cleaned it’s turfcutter, link or Fenway who’ll do the job.

Tut tut. Must do better.


Point proven

Flano is too busy listening to Joe Francesca these days…

The only points you can prove are the big pointy cranial ridges on your underdeveloped muldoon skull.

Who’s this lad Dunph? Any relation to Mike?

I’m the daddy around here.

I don’t know who he is but he works for Uncle Sam…

Muldoons control this board now Bandage. You should be content that we allow you to use it



Flano swats the upstart away with minimal effort.

Here Flano, have you been in any mirror departments this week, bro?

FFS, never mind

What a peculiar man you are…

Rocko’s dad? Or bando’s dad?

I would have thought you were younger to be honest.

Farmer - Shut the fuck up, you’re a muldoon even to the muldoons, you are the muldoon of muldoons.

Nah, they all look the same those mirrors. Same bloody thing on all of them.

Ah lovely.

A few more to dispose of still though, Flano.