Huel. Unreal. 2019 new and improved


Day 1

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I feel quite like Buck Rogers as I wake up in the future. A vegan, food replacement future. I would expect the clarity of thought to improve each day and to be off the charts this day next week. I am only gone vegan* a few hours but already I can feel a difference.

*ignoring the cows milk in my macchiato


I wish you well bro… Get cow’s milk out of your life.


Organic Cows Milk is unrale, mate.


Raw milk is Russian roulette


Mastitis never killed anyone you soft cock.


It’s not good for you bro … The Irish have adapted more than any to take cow’s dairy but it still inflames our intestines… If you really want to go down that road goat’s milk is far more beneficial and suited to humans. More protein also.


Do you realize those fucking goats eat anything. They’d eat a plastic bottle or the skin off your nose.


FFS sakes, how many threads for fannies do we need?


Indeed, enough is enough. Dungeon this shit and the likes of the OP and @Robert_Emmet should just fuck off to mumsnet.


Is that where you got the idea to put a tracker on your child?


No, it’s where the wife got the idea.


Lot of lads with bad diets lacking mental serenity and clarity lashing out on here.

You could not make it up.


The anger is very evident to see alright. I was once like that but am at complete peace these days.


One thing I do know. I was blind but now I can see.

amen bro. Amen.


Did you take the time to discuss this Lifestyle Change with forum expert @The_Selfish_Giant before making a rash decision?


Goat is the most widely consumed protein in the world. So it is.


In Asia maybe, but ye lot are poor.


He’s on board. Like me he is living in 2050 while most of you are stuck in 1950.


No, it is worldwide. The Greeks do wonderful things with goat meat.


One of the nicest meals I ever had was with goat meat… they were the dark old says tho.