Huel. Unreal. 2019 new and improved


You’d never let your goat out after dark in Beijing. You’d be eating it on a stick with cumin within an hour.



Huel Babineaux was a gas cunt



A donkey would ate a pallet.


I know a lad and he lives on this diet of eating as much as you can in an hour for the day and that’s it for the day then. He is fit and slim was always a bit pudgy but nothing serious. Seems to be working for him. `



How much do you eat in the hour?


@The_Selfish_Giant I hear that full carnivore is the way to go these days. Like Dr Peterson


Make the most of your time with him. Hes a dead man walking


Not me man Im 3 square meals a day and 8 pints to sleep


Day 2

Huel for breakfast. A gym session. A double espresso. Huel for lunch. Then a walk at my leisure for 30 minutes. No time wasted thinking about lunch or queuing behind people.

I might try one of the flavour systems later.

I am going to hit the gym for a second session tonight I feel so good.


Cc @Tassotti


I ordered a starter pack from amazon, I’m looking for total meal replacement


The flavour system is unreal.


What kind of a fad is this now lads?Are nutri bullets out now.Its hard to keep up.


It’s worth checking in with @tassotti and @TheUlteriorMotive via PM every now and then to get the cutting edge on nutrition.

I’d have a reminder in my calendar every quarter on this. The lads are savage helpful.


What Huel customers are saying:

“Stops me eating unhealthy things at lunch.”
“Cheap, nutritious food - no more sandwiches & crisps.”
“I no longer have to make a packed lunch in the morning.”


Are you consuming enough calories per day on this thing? Do you always consume over 2,000? You must be shitting yourself out of existence.


This is very unhealthy lads.

Whole foods or nothing. That’s the bottom line


Been very hard to source this in Italy… Can’t wait to get home and get proper nutrition into me.


Donkey Fords?