Huel. Unreal. 2019 new and improved




I’m yet to try KC’s since I moved to Cork. Is it worth the trip?


I queued for a half hour one night and was disgusted with it. It’s not all that pipe.


Cork people are mad into fast food, there does be queues down the bandon road from Lennoxes every day of the week


Only “their own” fast food though.


what’s the chicken place on Patrick Street they go on about?

Pure shite

edit it’s actually Hillbilly’s on the Grand Parade…

Pure shit still


John Graces ?


You can consume exactly how many calories you want. I’ve never felt better. I throw a bit of psyllium husk and a few berries in too.

I’ll take a break from it next weekend and weekend after as i am away.


I’m joining the revolution tomorrow

one quick question? can I supercharge it with matcha?


welcome to the club, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I have stopped eating food


thank you


you life will change in ways you never thought possible.


that’s exactly what I’m looking for


You can throw what ever you feel necessary in there mate.


Booked in for a kambo cleanse on Friday. It will bring me to the next level




Welcome to the future pal.

I’d recommend supplementing some Ester C for the winter months.

The flavour boosts include matcha


Let me get this straight… Some lad has repackaged SlimFast and TFK are falling over themselves to buy it?

Fuck it, I’m in.


I imagine you there on a hillock as the Wright Brothers invented powered flying and speaking of Icarus.

Welcome aboard.


Fingal Riviera pal. They’re sand dunes not hillocks and his name was Charles Kingsford Smith.