Hungover in work

Its not fun at all.

It’s kind of fun when you’re so pissed that you don’t give a fook. I walked around the corner on my way down to get some water there and just stumbled sideways into the wall. I enjoyed it.

Ouch. The oul trying to walk in a straight line without knocking anything over can be some test in work. I have to walk right by the bosses door when I get in, plus the water cooler is in front of the window of the office so any stumble and I’ll end up knocking over the cooler and banging into the window of the office.

so the black taxi driver got you home safely anyway mac?

He did indeed Gman, thanks for your concerns!

He got you home safely but did he decide to take a scenic route?

thats good. Was a bit worried when he laughed at you being from Wexford!

Myself and Francisco had quite a detailed chat about the state of Wexford hurling. He said we need to rebuild from the bottom up and focus on getting the underage structures in place if we want to become a senior force again. It may take time but it’ll be worth it in the long run. Quite an insight from a man who could barely speak English and didn’t know where Sandyford was.

Being hungover at home when you’re supposed to be in work is better craic. Should make it in for about half eleven. Christ I’ve some head on me.

No point in heading in now. Pull a sickie even if its the worst day other than a Monday to do so.

Mac, was Springsteen any good? As I was staggering down Baggot Street last night in a severely inebriated state (sporting my ‘champions’ Rambo-style headband / headscarf) I was stopped by a young couple who told me they had been at the gig and were lost! They said they didn’t enjoy it because he played mostly new stuff and said the night was a disaster because they couldn’t remember where the B&B they booked was (they were down from Derry)! I asked what it was called and the girl went ‘The Moorings. Well I think it is but I’m not totally sure.’ I couldn’t really give them directions seeing as they didn’t know where they wanted to get to so I advised them to stroll along into town and treat themselves to a night in The Shelbourne. 'Twas fairly odd now that I think about it.

Savage gig Bandage. I actually have tickets for tonight but decided at the last minute to go along last night as well. Loads of tickets going around. Those 2 people mustn’t really know anything cos the last hour of stuff was all the classic songs. From what I remember we got Thunder Road, Born to Run, The River, Badlands and a few more of the old songs.

The whole tour is for the new album so I dont know what that couple were expecting. Bit odd to be honest. Wonder if they made it home?!

Mrs Rock was at it last night too. Didn’t really get a chance to talk to her this morning much because I was still inebriated but she said it was a belting gig I think and I got a text to that effect at some stage last night too.

Thanks for the advice Shan but I’m in here now. Biggest worry is that I’ve to go straight to a pre-marriage course after work this evening and all day tomorrow. Not fucking looking forward to that.

Has anyone ever had a sleep in work? Am seriously considering it at the moment.

I often sleep in work. I even have a pillow I brought in for when I want one.

Rock. Pre-marriage course? What in the name of jaysus is that?

[quote=“Flano”]I often sleep in work. I even have a pillow I brought in for when I want one.

Rock. Pre-marriage course? What in the name of jaysus is that?[/quote]

Haven’t a clue Flano but you need to do one before you can get married.

I asked one of the ho’s in here and she said its something to do with a priest giving advice etc. I switched off after that bit.

You work with ho’s Flano? That must be great fun altogether. Do you ever bring any of them back to the caravan for a bit of boogie boogie?

I had a feeling the two I met were off their heads and the fact they specifically said he didn’t play any of the old favourites yet it turns out he did nearly all of them confirms my suspicions.

I’ve never slept at my desk but I’ve gone into the jacks and had power naps the odd time. Set your mobile phone alarm to vibrate 20 minutes from when you head in so you’ll definitely wake up and that little nap will do you the world of good.

Good lord no! Shan can attest to that. Although there is one bird that myself and Shan refer to as “The Scummer.” Nice body, rough face but a few pints would sort that. I’d say she’s a demon in the sack.