Hungover in work


Did ye all drive in half cut this morning?


I’ll pick you up some in January.

Diarolyte is a where you could start here


Sorry pal.


had some last night


Neither in work nor hungover and feel left out :pensive:


you and your county men would have previous here


I thought you just meant you had another drop of booze when you got home and another when you got up


That’s how I read it first too


Out for 2 pints after work last night which turned into 10 pints with no food apart from 1 BBQ rib and a couple of chips. Had a dioralyte before I went to bed so not too bad all things considered. I’ll take a 2 hour lunch break at 12 and get the last of my bits and bobs and then back to the office at 2 to grab my stuff and forget about this place until the 8th of January.




That’s how you end up living on a park bench


You are all a crowd of useless alcoholics.


Not at all mate. Drink driving is for cunts.



Not at all. We are fully functioning alcoholics, in work for 9am and having a productive morning.


have you got the bread sauce with you?


I’m at a conference in London. There was a networking dinner followed by drinks in some pricey low ceilinged hole in Mayfair last night. The only way I can get through so many hours of small talk is to drink and then drink some more. I’m absolutely Donald Ducked right now and badly need to sleep.


You flying back tonight. You’d need a few to get through that.


I’m on the late flight out of LCY.

The networking lunch has just kicked off but I’ve had to come and hide in the toilet as I just can’t make anymore small talk.


Safe travels. DLR and LCY to DUB is the highway that keeps the lights on in this country