Hungover in work


I just noticed @gilgamboa liked this post :grinning:
Sorry, it wasn’t an intentional dig at you


Ah but they’re fierce original in the material they use to attack you mate, great minds obviously :nerd_face:


Thats ok mate. Im a confident guy. A gentle jibe from a help desk jockey wont dent that :ok_hand:




You out drinking the face of yourself and all the TFK parents in no man’s land. You’re some cunt.


I see a calling @mac thread coming. He might be some use to you for once given his vast experience of poisoning himself with alcohol.


I’m too hungover to be answering mundane questions today




''Tis the season


Twice in a week? I think you need some help buddy.


tomorrow too brah, then off drink until Eastmas




@The_Selfish_Giant is in full-on Christmas drinking mode. Only right too.

Here he is




drinking is a mugs game


Signing in.


Signing in


Drank my share last night. A drip drop when I got in and one again when I got upthis morning and right as rain now.

No need to be hungover if you apply a bit of science.


fuck off


seriously brah, where can I get this? please take into account that I wouldn’t use amazon as they are destroying the human race