Hungover in work




Sure we all fall off the wagon now and again. I regret nothing




Signing in.




This could be any day


nothing worse than been in a cleanroom with a hangover


I’m not in any clean room :grimacing:


good call - its a brutal place to be hungover


It’s fucking Thursday lads.


I had 3 (three) pints with work colleagues from around 3.30pm to 5pm, but then went home and ran a 5km at an average pace of 6:19 per km later that evening.


Still can’t break that 25 minute mountain mate?


We all need an Everest, pal.


Getting under 30 is my aim for the moment.


is it not nice and cool in there?


21C consistently


You’ll smash it mate, I just know you will. You need to summon the spirit of 96.


I’m sick of drinking lately. Haven’t tasted a drop of alcohol in six days now. That was at a wedding where you feel obliged to drink until 5am or more. Two nights before that then I drank a heap of pints with my auld fella and had a woeful hangover the day after when I had to work. I’ve zero interest in going out any night over the Christmas.


Fair play for going running, I’d say you’d have been better off not going at all with three pints inside you.


That’s tough. You’ve made a proper decision there though, definitely stay home. I doubt anyone wants to be around you given how dull you sound.