Hungover in work

Try a classroom :nauseated_face:


If the parents knew they had a drunkard teaching their kids…

As opposed to the same shite from yourself?

Hangovers are only for soft cunts

And drunk every other day. I wonder why the business failed…

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Not in work. Hanging like a broken gate though.


Sounds like you were like a door that couldn’t be opened

:joy: I like it.

Signing in

Signing in.

I hope the ‘Sunday Sesh’ was worth it…

Mugs, Twas only Rd 1 of the Championship ffs.

Were you drinking in adare yesterday?


I saw in Larry Tompkins in Cark

A good number of your homies were out in adare

There was a bit of a booze cruise alright yesterday. Also known as a “Super Sunday”

Signing in here. Might divert a few flights to Shannon cos I’m not in the form for it today. Apologies to any TFKers who are inconvenienced by this action


Shannon could do with a few layers of dust being lifted, go right ahead I say.

Actually if you could do this next Sunday it would really suit me.

I’m busy next Sunday. There’s cunts in Waterford that need walking all over