Huns v Celtic ☘

1230 kick off tomorrow at Ibrox.

I believe Forrest is back (but bench at most). Welsh, Johnston and CCV are still out and Mooy is doubtful.

Probably means

Ralston Starfelt Kobayashi Taylor
O’Riley Hatate
Jota Kyogo Maeda

Abada, Iwata, maybe Mooy, Oh, all on a stronger bench than last time.

Bold enough by Ange.

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Sevco being ultra cautious. 3 defensive midfielders, no Kent at all and Morelos on the bench. If Celtic withstand the first 20 minutes fire and brimstone without injuries or conceding,a good result is possible. I’m hedging my bets and going for a draw while hoping that it’s a real doing by the good guys.

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More changes than expected. Would be great to beat them with that experimental lineup.

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The last few games the huns played their more technical players (it’s all relative) but still played a crude, long ball game. They’ve picked all the cloggers today so they’ll probably retain the crude approach & try to bully Celtic. It’ll be interesting to see how Celtic play with the changes in personnel. Bernabei, for example, was all over the place when selected at Tynecastle.

Are the Huns chanting to the theme of the fields of Athenry? :joy:

1-0 down early & Oh’s hit the post since. Huns started in a frenzy & pinned Celtic back. Disappointing goal to concede, no pressure on ball in build up, Hart’s parry wasn’t brilliant & nobody reacted quickly enough to it.

They’ve been doing that for a good few years. Dunno what the words are but they often take a Celtic tune & change the words to it. Great wit.

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Abada ffs

Big chance for Abada there. Celtic playing their football now but feel they’re a bit open when they lose the ball. Could be vulnerable to transitions, as they call them these days.

Fuck that. Off to cut the grass.

2-0. Learning lessons about the likes of Kobayashi & Bernabei here. Neither has looked convincing in their displays to date. Not sure if we could rely on either of them as a first choice player next season. That was weak by Kobayashi, Souttar heading in a corner without having to jump & just holding off the defender.


Could and probably should have scored twice there but a poor performance overall.

Bernabei is iffy on the ball at best and his defending is appalling. Kobayashi and Hart were weak on the goals.

Starfelt has been very good but we look like a team lacking first team players.

Celtic need to tune in or they’ll be hammered as Rangers are playing this like a cup final. Cantwell pumping up the crowd after a tackle :person_shrugging: there’s some hole where Bernarbei should be

Need to be careful in the second half. If this keeps going the way it is you could be looking at a 3/4 goal doing. Gives them hope for next year and with the first game in Mordor they will be bulling for road esp if CCV is still not fit. Also shows up that a few of the backups are not up to the required level at all.

That’s pretty disappointing. Not clinical at one end & a couple of weak pieces of defending at the other. Not much in the game otherwise & Celtic largely controlling possession & probing, but they’ve capitalised on mistakes. Echoes of their dominance in the 1990s when Celtic would gain false hope by winning the last derby after the huns had been confirmed as champions. But still, you don’t want to lose to them at any stage. I guess Ange will bring on Taylor, Kyogo, Maeda etc but dunno if he’ll risk it going 3-0 or do it straight away.

I’m a bit iffy on Bernabei, Kobayashi & Oh. All were signed as backups to develop & (presumably) ultimately become first choice players. But Bernabei is erratic in his decision-making & positioning, despite having other attributes. My jury is out as to whether the other two are better than the two backups they replaced (Jenz & Giakoumakis). I guess they’re younger & have more upside. But we do need to be wary of potential key players moving onto the EPL or wherever, we need to be signing lads that make a difference at first team level immediately.

Very hard to keep up the intensity Ange expects when you’ve won the league and got job down.

I think Oh is very good.

I’m not sure on Kobayashi.

I don’t think Bernabei is close to good enough.

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