Hurler of the Year and All Stars debate

I don’t see who would take HOTY from Gillane at this stage, if he didn’t tog in the final he would still get it.

O’Donnell, Whelan and Eoin Cody outside of Limerick put their hands up for me. Before the Kilkenny game I wouldn’t have said O’Donnell but that was one of his best games.

Limerick win it’s Gillane if its KK then it has to be Cody you would think.

KK only do young hurler of the year these days.

O’Donnell’s been excellent all throughout championship.

Yeah, fair. I’m just not a fan personally of the windmilling arms and running into contact on purpose. He did none of that against Kilkenny and was all the better for it. Was enjoyable to watch, and looked dangerous

They will shoehorn Tony Kelly or David Fitzgerald in midfield.

Byrnes/D Ryan

Probably yeah, William O’Donoghue left out in the cold again

Tony Kelly is one of the few hurlers who’s really exciting to watch. He has to get an all star.

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You say exciting, I say entertaining

DOD might have a say in HOTY yet. He needs a MOTM performance and Limerick to win.

And a miracle

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Agree on the first point but I don’t think he deserves an all star this year. O’Donnell deserves one this year, last year he didn’t.

DOD was motm in the Munster final and semi final. If he does that again they could give it to him. It should be Gillane though.

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Gillane was mom in the Munster final

2 big games in Croke park and constantly performing all year. A dark horse unless gillane scores a hat trick in the final. Gillane is rightly the favourite

The people picking the award probably haven’t watched the games.

Stand corrected and of course he was, dod did get one or two earlier in the year though? His profile seems to have gone up this year anyway.

I don’t think so.

He’s having a fine year alright.

If Tj reid has a big final he’ll win it. Rte will be mad to give it to him.

Same as token all stars every year.