Hurling is the greatest game in the world

What more could you ask for than a weekend like this? Sport as it was imagined in the minds of dreamers. No fucking diving around like ballet impressionists. Mental stuff today, more tomorrow please.

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Your first post makes no sense but if the Galway Tipp game is as good as last year’s I’ll be happy

The poor crowds and viewing figures suggest its shit


Did you not enjoy the game?

The GAA hierarchy are morons. The format in both codes is mental. They could fill provincial grounds if the games meant anything. Filling Croke Park on AI day seems their only goal.

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We know about shamrock rovers but would like to hear you take on hurling .


How? For what games?
Wicklow v Louth provisional cliff hanger?

You’re a waffler! You’ve ruined the US politics thread.

Another dumb cunt who wants to bring Trump into everything. Ruined it in what way? So the raving lefties can’t get their own way? Why infiltrate a GAA thread with your bullshit.

Provincials used to mean something. They are meaningless now, which is mainly an affront to the “lesser” counties you mentioned. Including your useless shower.

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The Ulster championship is not meaningless.

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There isn’t one Ulster team worth talking about. How many made the semifinals? Meanwhile no one will remember who won the Ulster Champonship this year.

Would you be in favour of scrapping the Munster hurling championship?

Yes. Or make it meaningful. Like you get to the final or you are out. The best format in hurling would be losing MF versus winning LF and visa versa, make it worth winning.

It is meaningful…to the people of Munster.

The Ulster championship is meaningful to the people of Ulster.

Anyway, I’m sure you could sort the whole thing out. You and Kev…fucking delusional.

If tomorrow and the AI final are crackers - and its looking likely they will be - then it will probably be the best years since the 2011. 2013 was entertaining but low on quality.

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Kilkenny players dived several times to win strategic frees in that game, were you even watching it?

An All Ireland semi final replay in a provincial ground and it didn’t come close to selling out.

Hurling will always be the poor relation to football.


We measure games in quality, not quantity

You haven’t been measuring much for the last couple of years so

Is that why the attendances are so poor for these games?

Agree. Some people took at a look at what route football has gone down and decided that hurling should follow suit. Last week and this weeks games should hopefully have sent those ideas back to the stone ages.