Hurling is the greatest sport in the Universe

Bar none:pint:


Imagine how much better that game today would have being if a mentally stable official took charge?

It’s been an incredible season for the game. I’m delighted there will be a replay. Can’t wait for it. Nice windfall too for the GAA:clap:

Epic stuff.

Irish by the grace of god.

Championship 2013 will go down in the annals. Priveledged to witness it all.

There is no sport can come close to this. Incredible!!! HURLING! HURLING! HURLING!!!

Best season ever!?

The summer has now officially been extended by six days.

Wahey! :pint:

[quote=“Mark Renton, post: 828232, member: 1796”]Epic stuff.

Irish by the grace of god.[/quote]

Foot soldiers of the hurling army.

To the brave and faithful GAA following nothing is impossible.

And for Clare and Cork too. If memory serves the GAA the 50k each to Galway and KK last year for serving up a replay. It was packaged as a holiday bonus or something like that

The 2014 championship is already an anti-climax.

Not if you’re from Galway or Tipp it isn’t

Or Kilkenny.

I think most reasonably level headed KK supporters will be happy their team gave their all this year(as always) but time waits for no one and they’ll be satisfied to have at least beaten Tipp

It’s hard to see who will stop limerick alright. Foregone conclusion but sure we can only beat what’s put in front of us. It’ll be up to everyone else to come to out level. :wink:


Great season, felt a bit weird not being there today, but fuckin hell, it was a final worthy of the season that preceded it.

Signing in.

signing in.

What a days entertainment.

Hurling is amazing. To think of how the media in Ireland will hype up awkward gym monkeys bashing into each other when the rugby starts again, if sky sports had a hold of hurling it would be the most a worldwide phenomenon.