Hurling Power Rankings

Limerick are still a general 4-7 to win All Ireland. 4-6 with Paddy Power. Now I know there are not many teams holding their hands up and they are still worthy favourites but their opening 2 performances have not moved the odds dial at all hardly. Notwithstanding that injuries and players out of form. Only for Quaid they could have shipped 4 or 5 goals. Clare at 12-1 is incredible value. Finishing 3rd in round robbin actually might suit Limerick better.

True. A handy QF against Galway

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  1. Clare - still winning, still top
  2. Tipp - undefeated, drawing but going okay.
  3. Galway - they’ll win Leinster
  4. Cork - down one with a draw and a one point defeat, still in the hunt for Munster I suppose.
  5. Kilkenny - not doing too bad, scoring well enough.
  6. Limerick - great team, but there for the taking, by anyone above them. A shame
  7. Dublin - going okay, still in with a shout to reach a Leinster final which I would presume they are happy with.
  8. Westmeath - some win. I wrote them off but shouldn’t have. Fair play to them.
  9. Waterford - just poor and have been for a while now.
  10. Antrim - playing well and are bravely hanging onto they’re top flight status. Have a chance to stay up.
  11. Offaly - should win the Joe Mc, it’ll be great to see them back up again.
  12. Wexford - too busy keeping the powder dry.

Where are Joe McDonagh Cup finalists Carlow in the Power rankings? Seems a bit remiss to omit one of the 9 counties who can still lift the Liam McCarthy Cup when you’re including eliminated counties like Waterford and Wexford.

I fancy Carlow to win at the weekend especially so if it turns into a shootout. They have 5 very good forwards who are better than their opponents up front.

It would be gas if Carlow won it after Offaly threw the last group game & effectively chose to play them again.


I’d have Carlow at 13.

Be great for @Fitzy and all around Kildavin and Carrigduff to have representation in the Leinster Championship next year with Wexford relegated to the Joe McDonagh Cup.

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We shouldnt make the list at all @Locke :disappointed_relieved:

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I have my powder dry….

Hard to Believe after this weekend we’ll have 7 meaningful games of championship hurling left in the year.

In straight knockout times there was maybe 12 or 13 meaningful games

in the last true straight knockout, there was 19 games in total, one of them a replay.

In truth, there was only 11 games of any consequence. And within them, some of them shite (Limerick v Antrim AI semi, Limerick hammering Cork, Wexford v Dublin). Could arguably say there really was only 8 games, including 1 replay, that were decent championship games.

Kk are playing this super shrewd. Not sure if I should divulge the new man’s tactics but let’s just say when the pressure comes on we might see a different style of pay.

Could be the second half of the Leinster Final or could be the semi. We’ll have to wait and see.

He’s either super smart or could fall his sword. Time will tell.

Shut your cake hole you!!!

Are you travelling Sunday?
I’ll have tea and Cake ready for you.

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Lyng surely throw out the u20’s? And his aul uncle the photographer for Wx gaa.

I’ll stay put this weekend. Between the two counties and PuíC on my doorstep, they’ll be plenty of days out thank God

I’ve been reliably told that Carlow at Number 13 and Offaly at Number 9 in this weeks @Locke power rankings was nailed to the wall of the Carlow dressing room.