Hurling Qualifiers, July 4th

Clare v Offaly
Laois v Dublin
Wexford v Cork
Westmeath v Limerick

@Bandage will there be fireworks in Wexford on the 4th of July and which of the John F Kennedy memorials should I visit en route to the match to pay my respects and to take a photo intended for social media consumption amongst my US pals on this most special of days.

Hopefully the Cork yahoos don’t cause offence to the 51st State with their Confederate flags on this of all days.

I’ve a wedding in Ulster on the Friday so it’ll be an arduous journey to Wexford Park for me on the Saturday. I therefore won’t have time to meet you in New Ross ahead of taking in the Dunbrody Famine Ship tour and a relaxing stroll through John F Kennedy Park in Dunganstown before proceeding to Wexford Park. The only fireworks will be on the pitch - I’m starting to get a 2003 feel* to this where Wexford got stuck into Waterford in the qualifiers after taking a hiding from Kilkenny in Leinster.

*Actually I’m not.

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here you go TUM, just after the bridge in the “centre” of New Ross, you can park up, shake his hand, take the picture, and be off on your way without having to stay too long in the town


Westmeath v Limerick on at 2pm on Sunday in Mullingar.

Clearly the matchup of round 1 and deserves to be a stand alone fixture.

I assume the second round will be a double header in Thurles barring one of the first round games being a replay.

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Fair assumption.

Colm is an exceptionally talented hurler and had been a key figure in the Clare side up to his departure following the League in April. He will resume training with the rest of the panel this week.
Davy Fitzgerald
He will play on the 4th of jully

would have made more sense to have it in croker on the saturday as part of a double header with Laois-dublin. The big day, etc…

Clare look the best out of the Clare Offaly
Laois Dublin Wexford Cork Westmeath and Limerick

Clare are the only one of that bunch who haven’t won a game in two years, they are easily the worst of those remaining.

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They only team out of them that i can see in the last 4


Quite possibly, Joe - but as it is they have the worst championship record of all teams left over the last two seasons.

We have the best 15. yes its being a bad year but if clare get the right 15 out all betts are off and you know it

Clare’s problem is their defence and their manager -


Were all problems sorted


Not fucked, buddy… there’s no doubting the talent of the likes of McGrath, Galvin and Kelly… Clare have a chance, if they are used right.

BUGS beside CALVIN midfield???

Kilkenny v Limerick

Tipp v Clare