Hurling - The Hand Pass Rule - a thread

That’s the man - brain fog on my part too.

Mirror checking is a lost art. And it’s obvious

The flip it away with the fingers ones are called less than the actual release it slightly & pass it away with an overhead/over arm motion - the latter is the dual motion people have been calling for whereas there’s barely any separation, if any, when lads are rolling the ball off their fingers.

Think that late Cian Lynch one, after Twomey was penalised, involved him losing his bearings a little in the maelstrom & he threw it up, caught it again & very quickly flipped it away. The overhead ones by Twomey, Hayes & the Killennny player lying down on the sideline the day before (Keoghan?) all looked legal to me. Not sure on Gillane’s but would echo @Batigol ’e comment…refs seem to be guessing & you can’t really referee on that basis. The Kilkenny one, the ref had no line of sight to the incident with bodies in the way.

If you cant see it being executed then its thrun

I was talking to an intercounty hurler with All Ireland medals won in the 90s and he said “shur we all coulda done that fucking handpass, but it was illegal and we knew it”.

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I was a master of that handpass myself in my playing days and was blown for it on occasion

Big Sam

I pioneered the slap of the ball off the ground to get another play. I was usually after dropping it though and trying to regather

Some, not all, Limerick supporters are insecure when you mention throwing, the reality is every team is at it from inter county senior to junior B and the time for change is now.


The first truly thrun ball in the modern age was when Johnny Coen thrun the ball back to Joe Canning in the 2017 semi final vs Tipp. Thats when the thrun handpass came into vogue.

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I couldnt give a toss but you have spent the last 4 years coming up with excuses. The handpass is the current one you have a hard on for. Split season, rubby league, robots, jp etc. You give us all a great laugh pal

Big Sam

I think you may be talking about other posters regarding the split season. Their financial advantage with JP is clear to see, not even the most ardent Limerick supporters can question that.

On limericks style, it’s not easy on the eye (in my opinion) and their spare hand tackling is something akin to a rubby league charge, that and the illegal hand passing.

I’ve always said they are one of the best teams of all time, that doesn’t mean everyone has to enjoy their methods or style. It’s not too dissimilar to Man City, some find it exciting, others find it exhausting.

When Mrs Barnes first moved to Dublin she lived on Whitworth rd. She worked around O Connell st and used to get the 40 bus (the peasant express) home. She was sitting upstairs on the bus one night when a gang of unruly youths threw the back seat out the back window. The driver jammed on the brakes and came thundering up the stairs and shouted 'who thrun the fucking seat out the fucken window? Mrs Barnes reckoned this was more offensive than the antisocial behaviour.