I am so psyched

Been listening to rebel songs and TFK podcasts on my mp3 player all day.

Cannot wait to assert TFK’s dominance tonight. IPI are in for a rude awakening.

Squad is now confirmed as:


Vegetarian Jugs


Monkey Allen

We can and will win tonight and put ourselves clear at the top of the table.

I remember Stephen Hendry is his dominant years used to say that if there is one thing bad about being so successful, it is that everyone rises their game when they play you so as to knock you off your perch.

I have a feeling that IPI will want to knock us off our perch but we will have to be ready for them. A performance that the above 8 players gave in the first half last week is the minimum that is expected.

I know Rex Ryan talked about this a bit with his Jets players. They haven’t come close to winning 3 in a row but they have put themselves on a pedestal with recent performances. He wants his players revelling in that.

TFK are where every other team wants to be. Let’s enjoy the pressure and thrive on the challenge.

What has Gerry Ryan’s son got to do with anything?

I am incredibly nervous. But the day I don’t have any nerves ahead of a game as big as this one is the day I give up playing 6-a-side astroturf football.

I don’t have nerves. One time they tried to show up and I battered them, they never came back again.

It will be interesting to see how Jugs gets on this evening. Much of his defensive advantage came from a physical presence which has begun to dwindle away since he began to question the barmen in the 51 as to what type of oil their chips were cooked in.


Yours etc,

I was going to come on here and rip the piss but after looking at that back three it’s impossible. Farmer must be as dominant in the air as the Luftwaffe were over Poland in '39. He’s then flanked by one of the greatest perverts ever to play the game in Jugs and the actual big daddy cool of the site itself in Rocko. Bandage the Cat then clears up any ricochet that manages to get past that storm defence. Midfield and up front looks a bit piss though.

[quote=“SHANNONSIDER**, post: 529771”]
Farmer must be as dominant in the air as the Luftwaffe were over Poland in '39. [/quote]


That’s a valid point, Jugs was excellent at using his arse to butt opposition players off the ball.

That squad looks weak enough to me to be honest. Only a matter time before the wheels cone off, you can’t lose players like myself and ClarkeyCat and not be negatively impacted.

Expecting big things from Gar and Fish tonight

Results thus far would say different Tinnion.

I must say I have noticed a change in the morale of the team this season. No more Grobbelaar/McManaman instances like have occured in the past between Rocko/Clarkey and Tinnion/Cesc.

Will this be the night Cesc4 answers his critics? Pretty piss poor season from him so far. Monkeys back must be sore at this stage.

[quote=“Mac, post: 529776”]
Will this be the night Cesc4 answers his critics? [/quote]

I doubt it. I used to be the guy’s biggest fan but you can’t defend the sort of slump in form we’ve seen from him this season. Cesc4 is becoming a bit-part player. I can tell you something though, he’s much better off being a bit-part player at a great club like TFK than the star of some shite team.

So, we only went and fucking won 7-1. Not good in the first half in truth; Monkey struck home an expert opener - the type of goal cesc4 used to score - but we were slack for the most part. Fish didn’t give up on a punt forward near half time and his pressure and battling ended up with him nicking a probably undeserved second goal.

Half time came and went, as it usually does, and we played much better on the resumption. Jugs and Monkey combined for the silver haired veteran’s second before cesc4 emerged from his goal rut with a quick fire double, one from a Rocko cut back and another that I can’t remember. There was stunned silence and general disbelief around the ground when cesc4 got on the scoresheet.

It was animal magic when Fish proceeded to set up Monkey for his crisp hat-trick strike but we then gave up a consolation goal, which was slightly disappointing. However, the scoring was rounded off when Rocko fired home a half volley with the outside of his boot.

They couldn’t live with us when we passed and moved at pace. We are simply unstoppable. Simply unstoppable.

What happened for the goal, Bandage?

I think we maybe over committed for an attacking corner and they broke on us with numbers. They had a 3 on 2 or whatever and worked it over to the spare man. I think the aging Rocko had made a burst to get back but he took it inside him and struck it past me from inside the box. I don’t like conceding goals but these things can happen, Shannonsider**.

I like that attitude Bandage.
Even though you were 7-0 up, you were still pushing for another, kicking them while they were down so to speak.

Indeed. This was at 6-0 though. I was delighted when we then got another before the end to make it 7-1. I have a weird thing of being disgusted if we concede the last goal. :guns: