I have lost interest in

  1. Professional Wrestling. I travelled to Houston, Texas in 2009 for Wrestlemania XXV but now I don’t even watch it on TV anymore. Sometimes I think it’s for the best because I’m 31 but other times I wish I still retained the same child-like love for it as forum members like cluaindiuic and Dunph.

  2. GAA. TASE was correct all along. This is a hobby for shit-munching clowns and there’s so many of these retard GAA players showing themselves up as utter simpletons on Twitter, and that’s not to mention the nobheads I know from home. I was worse myself to be interested in it - who gives a fuck about these amateur hobby matches and whether a dimwitted idiot is raging on Twitter about getting 6 out of 10 in The Wexford People. Fuck off - you’re all cunts.

  3. Cricket. I absolutely adore this sport but I’ve lost a bit of interest in it as I don’t have the time to devote to it. Football, gridiron and Home & Away take up the majority of my time and cricket has been sidelined in recent years. I don’t enjoy dabbling in sports - I need immerse myself in them - and circumstances dictate that I can’t commit to cricket as much as I’d like to.

  4. cesc4. His attendance at lunch over the past 6 months has been shocking. It’s almost as if he’s trying to shut myself and Rocko out, like lapsed forum member the bhoy did back in 2008/09. I’ve lost interest in him to be frank about it.

What if Wexford were 2 points down in the All Ireland final against Kilkenny in Croke Park and Jack Guiney is stepping over a 21 yard free which is the last puck of the game.The ref has the whistle in his mouth because this is literally the last puck of the game.Jack is bidding to emulate his father and uncle who reached the promised land in 1996 in a star studded Wexford team lead by Martin Storey, the enigmatic Larry O Gorman and the inspirational Liam Dunne.Can he be Wexfords saviour and lift the county from the doldrums and in the process stop Kilkennys bid for 5 in a row.

You wouldn’t even have a fleeting interest in whats about to unfold, No?

I do realise this was all about you Bando, but I’d thought I’d share one or two of my own…

Working out. I just don’t have the motivation- my work and sex life interfere with prime training hrs which only leaves me early in the morning or very late at night which I just can’t stomach anymore. I’ll still do the odd session here and there but my zeal for it has gone.

Drinking. This one i’ve let known for a while- It just bores me.I enjoy a hugh, but the thoughts of loud, packed pubs never excited me as a 20 year old, let alone now. Last weekend was the first weekend in a while where I was toyally free of all committments, including girlfriend, and when I got a call to arms from a mate (to a quiet, quaint boozer) I pondered over it for about 20 mins, shot him down, bought 6 bottles of Paulaner, cooked myself a lovely meal and stayed in on my own happy out watching wildlife docs and match of the day on tv. My zest for this noble past time it seems, has also evaporated for good.

Chin up mate you’re just having a bad day I’d say-this is quite common on these miserable Irish winter days. For what it’s worth:

  1. Not before time-most people lose interest in wrestling around 13 or 14.

  2. Don’t say that man-hurling is the greatest game in the world. Wexford may be in the doldrums at the moment but don’t lose the faith-ye will rise again.

  3. Meh.

  4. Don’t know the bloke but you shouldn’t discard friends so readily mate-give him another chance you never know what might be going on in his life.

:strokechin: :lol:

  1. A man of your age shouldn’t be into wrestling full stop.

  2. Gaelic football has increasingly become a dog’s breakfast of a sport. Hurling will always be limited by the few counties that play it at a decent level. Not surprised you’ve lost interest in it.

  3. The rise of 20/20 has killed the game. You can’t beat the majesty of a fully competitive 5 day test. But most countries are not interested in that format of the game and the smash, bang, wallop merchants have taken over.

  4. No comment.

I have lost interest in life. Period.

Jesus mate-keep the head up. Few scoops in the 51 later with a few pals should re-invigorate you.

I think Wexfords demise in GAA has led to Bandages apathy towards it. no doubt he will be back on the bandwagon if and when their fortunes pick up again.

I have lost all interest in Rugby Union since moving to the UK.

Ennui is the word for the condition you find yourself in Bandage, old chum. Ennui.

@Whiplash - no, my decision is final.

@CM - my post was about me but the thread was an invitation for others to share their thoughts. As you’ve done. :clap:

@Horsebox - this isn’t related to being down or the time of the year or anything like that. My other interests are providing me with great joy at the moment (Celtic v Barcelona, reading about NFL defensive schemes and how Jim Harbaugh’s game plan allowed untested Colin Kaepernick to destroy the Bears, whether Casey will be killed in Home & Away).

@briantinnion - that’s no talk for a man who kept his first TFK clean sheet last week.

@Puke - Wexford will be extremely good under Liam Dunne. I won’t be interested in it, however.

… making my first million.

I am now happy enough with the standard 40 hours a week and having time to enjoy the finer things in life.

[quote=“chewy louie, post: 725822”]

I think Wexfords demise in GAA has led to Bandages apathy towards it. no doubt he will be back on the bandwagon if and when their fortunes pick up again.

I have lost all interest in Rugby Union since moving to the UK.[/quote]

Bandage is a renowned bandwagon jumper…

  1. Celtic’s SPL matches. What’s the fucking point? None, That’s what. The sooner Sevco are promoted to the top division, the better.

  2. Ireland friendly matches. It’s not so much that I have lost interest as that I have absolutely no interest in either going to these or watching them on television.

  3. Ireland home matches. A deeply disspiriting experience on every level.

  4. Association football in general and the way fan culture has been sanitised out of recognition away from the deafening, threatenng, menacing, intoxicating spectacle I grew up obsessed by.

  5. American Football. A former avid follower of the sport, I have not watched a single minute of an NFL match this season, because I have realised the game itself is, well, shit. No amount of slick marketing can redeem such a situation for the product.

I would second all of these mate apart from No. 5 as I have always known that American Football is shit.

This an utterly ridiculous phrase, especially after you have just stated that you stayed in.

I missed 2 weeks of Home and Away due to being abroad with work and only caught the last 10 minutes yesterday. What’s the story with that prick Casey? He’s on the missing list I gathered-has he run away or what? Brax was saying last night that he will lose his bail money if the fucker is gone-what a cunt. I really hope he’s gone for good as it gets on my wick. The sooner the Roo and fucktard storyline plays itself it the better too-was hoping that would be over by the time I got back but more of it yesterday. I find them both unbelievably annoying.

I have completely lost interest in the American Presidents thread

What if this is as good as it gets?

That’s an horrendous thought. Don’t be talking like that on a holiday bro.