I think @TheBird may be gay

I’m gutting and redoing the bathroom, that’s gay enough in itself of course. HowEVERRR, when I was picking tiles I initially dismissed a wood effect porcelain, but then I saw a nice sky blue italian rustic brick sized tile that I fancied for the walls. I told the lady/assistant that I’d take them AND the previously dismissed wood effect tile, because they’d go well together. She was very excited and showed me the brochure for the tiles in question… the designers or whoever had made the same pairing! She even said “Oh my god” and quickly clapped her hands a few times.

There’s no coming back from this. (I’ve also recently started to dabble in essential oils and such, for the oul sinuses…)

What about yourselves? Do you think you may be gay/raving homos? Tyrone lads don’t need to respond obviously…

If you are happy it doesn’t matter. Be yourself.

Thanks mate. I should point out that the wood effect floor tile was a sort of distressed limed effect effort.

Have you stuck your thumb up your hole yet?

Its probably a phase brought on by severe sexual loneliness and alcohol. Would that make sense? Its possibly just for the weekend and As far as I know an interest in interior design just makes you a bit of a cock and bizarrely more attractive to the opposite sex.
Anyway, if you’re mad for cock so be it. You won’t find us judging you.

I’m not interested, the bathroom is falling apart. Wtf do you take me for?

Only metaphorically, and against my better judgement

This is a question a 100% straight man would never, ever ask himself. And I know because I’m 100% straight myself.
It isn’t a question of whether you are gay or not but exactly how gay you are.

So how did you arrive at the 100% straight when you asked yourself how gay you are?

By dint of the fact that I neither know nor care about tiles nor interior decorating and shit like that. I leave all that fuckology to the wife.
Also I don’t find men sexually attractive.

Aren’t you the same fella that’s after putting up video of a fella showing off his cock?


Ok, maybe you weren’t asking yourself how gay you are…perhaps you were considering how straight you are when arriving at the very unequivocal 100% figure?

[quote=“glenshane, post:3, topic:29530”]
…ate. I should point out that the wood effect floor tile was a sort of distressed limed effect effort.

In all seriousness can you throw up a few pics of this lime effect wood paneling and thsee nice tiles please. I painted the bathroom this weekend and I’ll be doing further improvements to the apartment next year.

I’m not gay, you might be, who cares.

Did I tell you one of my best friends in Dublin came out as bi this year and now seems to have gone all gay? He just turned up at his own birthday party with a bloke, told us he’d met someone very special. The only people who gave a fuck were the various women in our friends group who he’d boned over the years because he is a bit of a player.

Throw up the pics there please, or pm even.

Use your imagination ffs. Where am I going to get photos… besides I’ve changed my mind

A man could decorate 1000 bathrooms and suck one cock. He isn’t going to be known as an interior designer



Did it look like this one?
If so I’m not a big fan, I think you might have made the right decision in not going for it.
I like the modern grey woods that have come into fashion lately and I will probably get something similar myself but this one that I posted I don’t quite like. The problem with these grey coloured woods is that they’re all going to date quite quickly and this one that I’ve posted is especially gimmicky. It’s what popped up with I googled “distressed lime effect woods.” I think something slightly darker maybe.

These cunts cost me a small fortune

That’s exactly it. I’ve no time for that fakery either…you know those marble effect tiles you see everywhere? The first time I saw them I noticed they all had the exact same pattern. Laminate wood flooring is often the same effing photo over and over again. I couldn’t have it about me. But this was different. Almost serendipitous so it was almost

Are you trying to claim you have a case of erect tile disfunction?