Ibrahim Halawa


I never did that, but as taking a pill 5 years ago is all you have I’ll have to leave it there, scumbag


That’s probably the best use of public money in this country in the last decade. You can’t put a price on justice for an innocent man.

Meanwhile 55% of the entire housing budget is going straight into the hands of private landlords because governments decided they wouldn’t bother building social housing anymore.

Funny how we don’t hear a peep about that from those moaning about how they want an innocent man to be locked up.


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The irish state has gone out of its way for the Halawa family who became caught in a shitstorm created by nobody but themselves, and irish taxpayers have picked up the tab.
Its high time for them now to respect this state, respect it’s culture and respect it’s laws.


What are you suggesting they do?




Lads, I’m roughly 900 posts unread in here.

Can someone give me some bullet points on where the lie of the land is?


Muslim pretend doctor said female genetal mutilation should be allowed. So you have Sidney refusing to condemn the comments and just posting shit to appear as some sort of edgey hipster wind up merchant.


It’s an awful pity your mother didn’t take an illegal pill the morning after you were conceived.


Ah no need for that.




Any reason you didn’t post this up @HBV?


i didnt see it @Mac

please note however that the Islamic Centre of ireland is absolutely not Daddy halalwa or Ali Salims crowd. that Dr Umar chap is generally a decent fella who calls out the Clonskeagh crowd for being the stoneage savages that they are. Were you aware of this?
Halawa has condemned FGM and condoned female circumcision, a very perverse and cunning statement. there is no known medical reason for female circumcision but Halawa wants Muslims to have the right to carry it out on their little girls .


I rely on you to provide the Islamic expertise here mate. I assumed this Umar lad was a Clonskeagh person. Is this not the case? From reading the article, he has essentially overruled anything any other Muslim can believe in on this topic. How does this work?


its stoneage stuf @mac, its not meant to make any sense they are all backward savages

this Umar chap hates the Clonskeagh mob, he is attempting to colour them as extremists for a while now and fair play to him for that i suppose.
he has issued a Fatwa on cutting little girls privates and thats a good start but the problem i have is that halawa and Salims Clonskeagh mosque is the headquarters for the renowned European Centre of fatwa Research (ECFR)
now maybe ECFR only deal in the fatwas where people get killed and produce the stuff the terrorists work off of so id be taking Umars fatwa with a pinch of salt.
the other thing is did you ever hear The president of Oireland laud Dr Umar like he does the Clonskeagh boys? No me neither. I think Umar is probably a minority islamist who is looking to muscle in on Clonskeagh who are hogging the limelight and have been untouchable up to now.
Iv a feeling Umars fatwa isent worth the the paper its written on and that muslims with the backing of Halawa and Salim will continue cut off (circumcise) little girls private parts.


Ali Selim will be on shortly with Pat Kenny


Backtracking furiously


It was some back track in fairness. The irish media were very unfair to him. How dare they report on what he said when he is not a native english speaker :joy:


What did he say?


Dr Ali Selim told The Irish Times earlier this week that his recent comments about female circumcision have been unfairly equated with FGM.
“I clearly condemn female genital mutilation. For me circumcision means something else, for me I use the word circumcision instead of using the word labiaplasty.”
Labiaplasty is a medical procedure where the inner labia are surgically altered or reduced, in some cases due to discomfort experienced by the woman, sometimes following childbirth.

He also suggested as Alf says he had used the wrong word mistakenly as it’s not his first tongue