Ibrahim Halawa




This is more trolling and more deflection and then you resort to your default rapist ‘gag’.
You can step up to the plate of normality and denounce the Clinskeagh mosque and daddy halawa for this latest episode where they portray themselves as barbaric savages or you can keep on playing your little game and portay yourself as a very strange individual


It’s not a gag - although that does seem like the sort of implement that a Graham Dwyer-style creep like yourself would use to restrain a vulnerable person.

You’re trying to deflect again here from your history of rape.

Address the point at hand or fuck off the thread.


You introduced rape. This is the Halawa thread. Any deviation from Halawa, Islam, FGM, clonskeagh, terrorism, the MB etc etc is simple deflection.


You did, by admitting to it.

Any fake concern you claim to have for women or children is automatically invalidated by the fact that you are a sexual predator who is closer to the views of Ali Selim than anybody on this forum, although, to be fair, @artfoley runs you close.


It’s a good point in fairness, it’s imposdible to take him seriously in matters of morality


You leave your childeren for the weekend to go off to dublin to take illegal narcotics, contributing to people getting murdered. Your actions have a direct line to the kinehan hutch fued for eg which has 15 dead bodies in recent times.
Please don’t patronize me on morals.


:grinning: gas cunt


? Am i incorrect?
You are in no position to moralise.


You are incorrect, that’s not something I do


Its something you have done.
Twist it as you wish.
Don’t preach on morality.


No mate, I never did that.

I’m far from perfect, I’ve done plenty I’m not proud of, but you’re a disgusting scumbag and I’d say there’s nothing you wouldn’t stoop to, it’s hilarious to see your crocodile tears every once in a while,
It is interesting to see you compare somebody taking an ecstasy tablet 5 years ago to the shit you get up to on a weekly basis


You are not perfect and people like you should not be preaching morals. Anythig else is simply you justifying yourself which is pathetic and something i h ave no interest in hearing.


Mate, nobody is perfect, you are scum though


Thats your opinion. Doesn’t bother me. People like you are seen as scum by many many good citizens.
The trick is accept you are not perfect and no t to preach morality


I’d doubt anybody at all would consider me scum, but as I said I’m far from perfect.


Great to see mainstream Irish Muslims come out and condemn this man.


Ok guys,things getting very heated


You leave your childeren for the weekend to purchase illegal narcotics.
I’d say an awful lot of people would consider you scum.


I’m just going to put this here.