Idiot Of The Month - December Nominations

This is the official nominations thread for December.

Usual rules apply:

Each member only has one nomination.

The nominations thread will be open until midday on Tuesday, January 6th, with the vote taking place over 2 days after that. The later competition date is for people who won’t be online until early next week due to holidays.

The format of the poll will be the usual first past the post being declared winner.

So, go ahead with nominations on this thread and please give a reason for your nomination. Also, KIB man is guaranteed a place in the poll based on his current status as IOTM.

KIB man, if you want to post some memories of your month as title holder then feel free to do so on this thread also.

This is a big month as it’s everyone’s last chance to win a monthly title and seal a place in the Idiot of the Year competition.

Good luck to everyone.

I shall nominate NCC for countless moments of idiocy especially when he was on abut foriegn dances being banned by the GAA til the 1980s despite it saying 1971 in his sig…

Just thinking there I haven’t nominated anyone in a while I don’t think so it just wouldn’t be the same without Flano being in the mix. To his credit he has such a high opinion of himself that it just screams idiot.

Is it not common knowledge that Flano’s a legend?

I can’t really remember whose idiocy stood out pre-Christmas. I’ll need to read the preview thread to give me a recap.

caoimhin for the SRFC Appoint thread

I’d love to return the favour sledge, but it has to be NCC, and will most likely always will be.

Apologies, i just realised Puke nominated NCC, my nomination then goes to Sledgehammer, for his ridiculous defending of scumbags from a club he doesn’t even support.

wasted vote :stuck_out_tongue:

too late caoimhin - :rolleyes:

I wouldn’t think so. Its a nomination, not a vote. You’ll win it out anyway.

wasted nomination :rolleyes:

im sure i will win out with all the suspicious new members that joined recently

I’m sure Bandage will make a call on this, is my nomination of Sledgehammer ok, seen as NCC was already nominated i couldn’t nominate him anyway, right?

dont be so sloppy in future

may be a wasted nomination but for the excelsior service that NCC has provided in the last month go well beyond the call of idiocy, and hopefully being the idiot of the month going into the new ear will ease that burning pain of losing out to me by a vote back in october

I think NCC has been angling for it this month, he has slipped up too many times in december for the cute whore that he is…Either that or he has lost his edge with the lack of sleep from the new arrival

you 2 lads just bear a grudge from all the spats that we have been in over the year

I can confirm that Caomhaoin’s nomination of Sledgehammer is valid. You can change your nomination any time up to nomination closing time. It’s also acceptable to nominate someone who’s already been nominated if you feel that strongly about it!

I have no grudge NCC, but you have been shown up a good number of times this month whether you will admit it or not…

The only member I have a grudge against is Flano:p…

no grudges here NCC, just pity :rolleyes:

Dont be picking on Ncc lads, sure wasn’t this the month he made this momentus statement

Originally Posted by north county corncrake
i assumed there was but from your posts i guess im wrong

I love you guys :rolleyes: