If you could take any woman for your wife

I don’t know if i’ve mentioned it before but i’m besotted with Ella McSweeney.

Ella here to the left of the old woman:

Lucky bastard:

Ella can be seen presenting ‘Ear to the Ground’ and more recently strutting her stuff on the lotto. Just looked at her wikipedia page, turns out she is not married. Ella is 33 years young…

I’d fight you for her!

And you would lose my friend…

What’s that thing above her lip and below her nose, The Dunph?

That’s part of her allure, i’ve no idea what it is. A mole?

I had originally assumed that was a speck of dirt on my screen. :unsure:

That top picture would be some threesome! Beauty and experience all rolled into one duvet!

What is wrong with you?

An inch to the left an she wold have been a female Hitler.


dump, you are a sick bastard

She’s no Nuala Carey but not bad.

Is anyone else going to contribute…*

*You may not select your own real life wife, should any of you have one.

Siun Nic Gearailt would be my cup of tea,

Does she present the news?

Yes, as gaeilge as well. :wub:

She’s got a lovely summer dress on her in that picture. Is she in a meadow?

She comes from an agricultural backround alright, she may even have some land included in the deal. She’s not far of perfection in an Irish lady.

Previously married though i believe so may be carrying some baggage from that…

I’ve been wracking my brains since you started this thread, Dunph mate, and I keep coming back to the same woman. It has to be Nicola Charles, formerly of Neighbours.