If you're getting pissed

… this weekend, log it here.

Stag this weekend inside in the city. Up for it.

Possibly but unlikely

Hopefully victory pints on Sunday.

Pints on Sunday regardless…

Will I meet you in the same place as last time?

Runt-dunph date thread

Yes and if Rintintin is with you can you ask him not to keep callling me “Dunph” in front of non-forumites…


Calling you Dunph, or continually shouting “Duuuuuuuuuuunph” at you across the bar


Yes things like that, this will be especially uncool if shouted across a packed bar or terrace…

Starting at lunchtime tomorrow. :pint:

Debating on whether to head up to galway sat after the tipp match to one of the lads 30ths. either that or thurles

Rintintin strikes me as being on the wrong side of boisterous during social occasions.

Rintintin can go too far at times, sure he paid some auld fella to pour a pint over SS** at Clonmel…

Rintintin is wrapped too tight for Clonmel, his behaviour that night in inciting a multiple Derby winner to attack me was beyond the pale of any reasonable behaviour.

Hm. I do my own thing.

Two hours until a sit down meal with Bandage and Cesc4 and the beginnings of a weekend of pintage.

Everyone is invited to a BBQ in Tinnion’s on Saturday. PM me for the address. If I like you I’ll get back to you.

The great thing about today is that we’ll get to eat together twice - the usual lunch and then an evening meal between World Cup games. It promises to be a suburb day.

If you’re going to San Francisco…

I love Fridays almost as much as I hate Sundays.