I'm drunk, I just broke the Hoover and My Mrs is Mad

Signing in.


Of course she’s pissed off with you!!! Who the fuck hoovers on a Sunday???

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Anyone that’s told to.

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You’re always drinking these days. Is Cork that bad?

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Yup. It’s fucking brutal.

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Depends on how he broke the hoover. He may have been practicing some new deviant shit he learnt in Cork.

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It’d be a vacuum cleaner below in Rochestown, who the fuck gives a hoover to a drunk??

It’s broken now so who gives a fuck…I’m gonna shite there in a minute…not on the Hoover tho.

Bit of domestic violence? I presume you mean this hoover?


http://www.sherv.net/cm/emo/smoke/snort.gif :ronnyroar:

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Drinking and power tools don’t mix pal, whether its a chainsaw or a hoover they are all potentially deadly.

Jesus she has you bullied something rotten you poor auld divil, she must think you’re a right fucking mug.
Pack your bags kid, show a bit of fucking backbone for once in your life.

Chocolatemice has been drinking cans of druids down the park, taken a few lines and come home and battered the Mrs


Ungrateful bitch, after you spending the last two weeks walking the streets of Cork firing leaflets in letter boxes for her.


you are only as good as your last blow job

I can see this thread being popular in the months and years ahead with many other poor chaps signing in at various times.


He’s been getting the red setter from limerick to cork just to feed her pussy.

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with the help of God you might even get a chance to sign in yourself mate,
I heard you’re doing a strong line :grin: (is that just a Cork phrase???)

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