I'm going into town now

I think this thread has the potential to match the “goodnight” thread.

I’m going into town now. Catch you all later.

Rocko can you please take the Official prefix access off Bandage, he is acting the cunt with it

[quote=“Bandage, post: 780248, member: 9”]I think this thread has the potential to match the “goodnight” thread.

I’m going into town now. Catch you all later.[/quote]
I hope you have some strutting music selected for your jaunt Bandage.

I’d imagine bandage strutting into town a bit like john travolta, only with a Celtic top and an extra 4 stone

Bandage[/USER] won’t be wearing his Celtic Top anyway. Rumour has it is [USER=6]briantinnion 's new scoring top.

Would it not look like a tent/pancho on tinnion ?

Greetings from town, guys. I’ve stopped into a cafe to rest my weary legs.

I’m currently listening to a south county Dublin early twenty something revealing to her friends the details of how she dumped her boyfriend.

Earlier spotted lapsed forum member Sledgehammer strolling out of hipster football shop Casa Rebelde.

Best was a bleached blonde fat bitch with tits hanging out and really, really high heels taking a massive tumble on Grafton Street.

This thread has it all. Thrills and spills, keep it up mate.

Good to hear Sledgehammer is alive and well.
Did he ever get convicted for knocking down that granny in the switzerland / austria?

I’m back from town now, lads.

I got the following:

  • 2 pairs of Diesel jeans* (blue and navy)
  • 1 All Saints tshirt (navy)
  • 1 pair of Adidas trainers (grey)
  • 1 Box Fresh tshirt (grey)

I also got some FCUK deoderant in Boot’s as Dex assures me it’s only the brand that prevents you from sweating like a rapist in warm weather.

I had an upsetting experience in the Wicklow Street Louis Copeland & Son outlet but I’ll take that to the “daycent suit” thread.

I sat outside Taste Cafe on South William Street and had a chicken pasta dish followed by a coffee.

I listened to The National and Bastille as I strolled.

All in all, I had a reasonable afternoon in town. I’ll definitely go back.

  • down to a 34 inch waist now. That’s 50 inches down to 34 inches in 10 months. I’ve never met ChocolateMice but this guy has helped turn my life around.

How did she dump her boyfriend bandage?

Sorry lads, I forgot to mention that I also got 2 zippy tops in River Island.

glasagusban - she’d been thinking about it for months for a multitude of reasons but one silly text message from him prompted her to take the bull by the horns, call over and tell him face to face. He was shell shocked and he’s been plaguing her ever since with calls, texts and messages on Facebook. She agonised about dumping him for so long because they’d been going out for years and she even referred to his mam as mam. Weird. She’s also received texts asking her to reconsider from his brother, his brother’s girlfriend and his mam. His mam said it felt like she’d lost a daughter. He must be a right sad cunt because she was a loud and fat cunt, as far as I could tell.

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Is this thread a cry for help Bandage?

It sounds very empowering for her Bandage.

I hope no forumites have been dumped by any fat cunts that call their mothers mam recently. That would be mortifying.

I’m beyond help, bro.

Earlier this afternoon I got the bus into town to collect my bicycle which I left in to be repaired last week. I then tried to cycle home but soon after picked up a puncture. As I was too far away from the bicycle shop to return to it and there is no bicycle shop on my route home, I cycled it home on a flat tyre which took a good 50 minutes, leaving me drained in body and spirit, a feeling exacerbated by not having had anything substantial to eat today.

I walked to the bus stop forty minutes ago with the intention of going into town and then walking to Croke Park. I reached the bus stop but was the victim of a nasty shower of rain along the way. Upon seeing that there wasn’t a bus due for eight minutes, still not having had anything substantial to eat today, having little energy in my body, and in the knowledge that the Dublin-Westmeath will be an utter shambles of a match, I shuffled home defeated, disillusioned and not caring that I was disillusioned.

Take note of Dublin’s jersey sponsor tonight chief, nobody is beyond help.

[quote=“Bandage, post: 780308, member: 9”]

  • down to a 34 inch waist now. That’s 50 inches down to 34 inches in 10 months. I’ve never met ChocolateMice but this guy has helped turn my life around.[/quote]

That’s very impressive Bandage, well done mate.

Fran the man, get yourself over to the restaurant thread and advise please.

I’m taking a few liberties with the thread title but I’m going into town later this morning, guys. I require items such as contact lens solution, ear phones and a beard trimmer and I’ll also see if any clothing items tickle my fancy. I’ll definitely let you know how I get on.