In The Courts

Suspended sentences for all…hurrah.

We’re the McDonaghs involved in the tidy towns committee I wonder?

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If there’s any justice in the world they’ll get their day in court, and the associated lenient sentence to boot.

These folk may have been disappointed with the result from the club finals played the previous day. Chalk it down as a win for the split season.

Judge Crowe said McDonagh and his wife had nine children and the court was told he had 10 or 15 grandchildren.

Rounding to the nearest 5.


Hopefully that helps her family find some peace.

Hopefully he gets the boiling water and sugar treatment.

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A tough read.

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With a haircut like that…

What services were they invoicing for?

It’s a cultural thing

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Mother of fuck… No punishment enough


Whatever about that sick cunt, those mothers should be locked up for longer


Aye the mothers didn’t come out of it very well.