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A torturous childhood for the little girls involved.

I don’t know would I trust leaving any guilty person out on bail awaiting sentencing in such a case. I’d be surprised if at least one of them don’t try and make a break for it.

Catriona Carey driving ban appeal adjourned after ‘severe breakdown in communication’

Catriona Carey.

Convicted fraudster Catriona Carey has had her driving ban appeal adjourned until later this year after her solicitor said he was unaware the case was up for hearing in Kilkenny Circuit Court today.

Carey, with a previous address of Weir View Hill, Co Kilkenny, received a four-year ban from driving and a suspended sentence in May last year after pleading guilty to road traffic offences including driving without a licence or insurance.

She subsequently appealed the decision and has been allowed to continue driving while awaiting the outcome.

The former Kilkenny camogie player was due to appear in court on Thursday to contest her appeal. Her Dublin-based solicitor, Andrew Broderick, said he was not aware that the case was listed for today and neither he nor Carey were present in court.

State solicitor Gerald Meaney told the court that he exchanged texts with Mr Broderick in April, confirming the appeal would be heard on either May 23 or May 26.

He said that he had not received any further contact.

Judge Sinéad Ní Chúlacháin asked Mr Meaney to make enquiries with Mr Broderick as to why neither he or his client were in court.

“I phoned Mr Broderick and I spoke to him, and he was taken by surprise about the case being listed for today, but he did seem to be aware of the callover this morning,” Mr Meaney said.

“He said he tried to text me twice this week, but I have received nothing.”

Local solicitor Edward Hughes, who said he did not receive instructions from Mr Broderick but contacted him “out of courtesy”, applied for an adjournment after what he described as a “severe breakdown in communication”.

Mr Meaney had no objections. He described his previous dealings with Mr Broderick as “very satisfactory” and indicated he would accept any application to put the matter back until a later date.

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Four witnesses, including two members of An Garda Siochana who stopped Carey for traffic offences, an employee from the Road Safety Authority (RSA) and a garda sergeant from the Fixed Charge Processing Office, were present in court.

Judge Ní Chúlacháin ordered for them to be dismissed.

Mr Meaney said two of the prosecution’s witnesses in the case will be away on holidays in July and asked for the matter to be put back until a later date.

Judge Ní Chúlacháin said it was not up to Mr Meaney to inform Mr Broderick when the case is due to go ahead and said significant costs were involved in calling the witnesses to court.

She said this would be “peremptory” against Carey in the next hearing and advised Mr Meaney to make an application for costs.

In October last year, Carey was due to appear before the court to appeal the severity of her sentence.

Her legal team informed the State on the morning of the hearing that she instead wished to contest the driving ban in full and asked for further time to be given to prepare a case.

The matter was put back until January 2023, but this hearing did not go ahead as there were no judges available to sit.

The former Kilkenny camogie player came to the attention of gardaí for driving offences and received 12 penalty points for speeding in a 50kmh zone and speeding in a 120kmh zone. She was also caught driving while holding a mobile phone on two occasions.

She received a six-month disqualification from November 8, 2021 until May 8 2022.

However, she was stopped by gardaí on two occasions for motoring offences while the disqualification was active.

Garda Julie Chapman gave evidence in Kilkenny District Court that she stopped the defendant travelling along the Castlecomer Road in the county on November 21, 2021.

Gda Chapman said Carey was driving at 70kmph in a 50kmph zone and that, when stopped, only had a picture of her driving licence on her phone.

It was discovered that she was banned from driving and when informed of this Carey “disagreed” and started “roaring and screaming”.

Gda Chapman said the defendant was “totally out of control” and said there “was no talking to her”.

Her barrister, Kevin Roche BL, said there was a “certain confusion” about the penalty points which had led to her disqualification.

Garda Thomas Loughnane informed the court that he stopped Carey driving her BMW on the Castlecomer Road in December 2021.

Gda Loughnane said he was aware that Carey had been disqualified from driving and informed her of this.

Carey told the garda: “This is my car,” said that she felt she was being picked on, and added: “Do you expect me to get taxis?”

Judge Geraldine Carthy took into consideration Carey’s apology and guilty plea, but said it was difficult to offer an excuse when she was stopped a month later after getting into a car “knowing full well she’s disqualified”.

The court heard Carey had previous convictions.

She was convicted of fraud in February 2020 after altering a cheque she received from a client who had hired her as his accountant.

Carey changed a cheque for €6,948 which had been made out to Revenue’s collector general, instead making it payable to herself, and cashed it at a bank in Kilkenny.

She received an eight-months suspended sentence.

I think if you’re on bail you have to surrender your passport. But I agree.

A mate of mine, a doctor, was disqualified from driving for a year. Pretty minor offences I think but he never addressed any of them. He was caught driving again with no tax, insurance or NCT while banned from driving. Didn’t understand why the gardai were making such a big deal about it. Got a letter with a court date, forgot about it and didn’t turn up. About 10 at night one night got a knock at the door, two gardai with a warrant for him to take him to the station overnight and bring him to his court appointment the next day, nearly shat himself. In the event they allowed him to stay at home if he promised to meet them at the station in the morning. In to court the next day anyway and the Garda that stopped him for the latest offence never turned up. Promise you’ll get you tax, insurance and NCT? I will judge. There’s a fine as well. I’ll pay that judge I’m very sorry judge. Case dismissed.

If Hego did that …


Female equivalent of Nolan

Carey has been dealt with absolute kid gloves. Enabled by the state. What fcuking planet is the judge on? “I’d advise you to make an application for costs”
Who will she swindle those out of ?


I agree. The courts are jokeshops really. This fraudster tipping along in a BMW we don’t know who paid for, already disqualified, no proper documentation and roaring and shouting at the Garda now comes up with the weakest and lamest of an excuse. She should be in jail is the facts of this one.


RTE going deep into some of these cases now. Carey been covered. Now some lad from Crossmaglen who’s avoided jail after a bunch of assault and fuel smuggling cases

Smuggling Cross?

God be with the days you’d be given a root up the hole and sent on your way. He should have been good at camogie and hockey.

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TBF Kirby is a big cunt.

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:joy::joy::joy:tfk at its finest again.

A second court appearance for some teenager waking up steaming and giving a load of guff.

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We just used get the tap on the elbows
Occasionally a kick in the hole and told fuck off or expect worse

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A Tour de France of a judgment

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He looks like a right weasel.