India V Pakistan

1-1 early in the first half with an Indian goal being reviewed by VAR, but unlikely to be given

This is getting interesting and has the potential to really kick off, especially with the potential and added frisson of nuclear weapons being readied.

I must see if there’s any tension between the Indian and Pakistani chaps in work, that could be amusing.

How do they get on in general? Can’t imagine there’s much love lost between them.

They absolutely despise each other.

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They seem to get on fine at work, there’s lots of them (both sides) with a bit of piss taking over the cricket, but no animosity on show.

What are you talking about here may I ask?


Is there the Pakistani equivalent of a West Brit? (Save the West Indies clip)

Fucksake …

A Kashmir cunt

hard to know who to support here in this one
The pakis get my tentative support for now,

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Surely President Trump’s peacemaking and negotiation skills must be brought in at this stage to bring both nations back from the precipice .

Shooting down two planes is a big escalation. This could get fairly hairy, very quickly

I’m only surprised this hasn’t escalated decades ago. Possibly the nuclear deterrent was the reason. Kashmir should have been ceded to Pakistan at the outset however and can’t understand India’s interest in the territory

“Its just not cricket is it Arry”

Pakistan is even more backward than India

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Correct. Very odd people

an Islamic hellhole

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this is getting serious

This could spill over onto the streets of Bradford and Birmingham

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Ya : be careful @Tassotti