Intermediaries / Insurance Brokers / Estate Agents / Recruiters

Just handed over a check for a substantial sum to a real estate broker who assisted me with my recent apartment search. The guy spent the guts of one day with me, showed me about eight or nine apartments and had a quick run through the lease agreement with me and that was basically all, useless.

I didn’t care about the cost as I was getting reimbursed for it but can anyone tell me how intermediaries, brokers and the like are still in business in this day and age? Recruiters in particular are the biggest joke, all they have when getting started is a phone and some contacts. You have some twat in their early 20s giving you career advice and trying get you to move job for the sake of it. Why do companies have HR departments if they are going to spend thousands on recruiters fees?

Scum the lot of them. If there’s one good thing that will come out of this recession it’s these people will lost their jobs and go make something of their lives and become an accountant or something like that.

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Accountants are cunts as well, but thats not the point here. Everything you say is true.

Find most of them absolutely useless as well, i went through hell to get proof of insurance from a company recently. Recruitment companies are a joke, you lose out on salary 'cos the employers have to spend 2-3 grand on the recruitment “specialist”.

These cunts should all be taken out and killed imho.


Fucking leeches

There was a recruiter for Australia on the Colm Hayes show today, she really sold the Oz idea to me. So much in fact that I went to the bother of writing down her email and phone details. I’m sure if I was going to Oz I’d manage to get the Visa and find work on my own but I’d say these kinda agencies get a lot of business from older people making the move who want guaranteed work when they land. Seems a waste of money paying them though.

Auctioneers are complete scheisters… money for nothing

I’ve never bought or sold a house but surely these days there’s no need to use an estate agent? Put it up on Daft, negotiate with the buyer/seller and get a solicitor to look after the legal end. How much is the commission on a house sale these days? 2-3% I presume. Money for old rope.

Can see a limited need for recruiters when a specific type of person is needed for a role and they need to be head hunted but if it’s just a pleb going for an ordinary job then something like should be all that is needed.

Solicitors will do the job for well less than a grand bt

Solicitors are cunts - better off heading down to your local library and researching the law. The quality of law degrees in Ireland would have to be seriously questioned. The LLB and Blackhalls were an OC lifestyle choice there for a while.

The only useful accountants are the ones that bend the law, all the rest can be done by any idiot with an excel spreadsheet. (which in many cases is what is happening now I guess). For tax returns all the information is freely available.

I hate dealing with intermediaires - I have a letting agent here fucking Dub - complete and utter spoofer. The landlord came round and gave me his business card so will try and deal with him in future. This dub is an interfering fuck but claims to be doing it as a favour to the landlord.

recruiters - if you can find a good one, rare as hens teeth but very handy. For the other 99 out of 100 phone jockeys - diabolical cunts. I wouldnt believe a word coming out of those Aussie recruiters coming to Ireland. If you want to emigrate most companies would be far more impressed by someone coming off their own bat and looking without the need for some Hays idiot calling asking who placed your last contractor and what rate. TRE (welcome to the forum by the way) but dont be so stupid to pay VisaFirst, Usit or some other shower of cunts when all it takes is for you to go online and book you own working holiday visa on the immi website. Easy as piss and costs about 150euro. Unless you have a criminal record they will email you back your visa the next day. A great system in fairness. I went through my own sponsorship lately, did it all myself. A bit of stress but simple as in fairness.

HR - any proof how the evolution of HR has increased job satisfaction among workers? Good managers are able to manage people all the other shit is admin. 360 degree feedback counting towards bonuses is a sure fire way to destroy morale. Personal development plans fuck off

Incredibly ironic for tinnion to be going on about other makey uppy trades - auditing the corporate chocolate fireguard :lol:

was going to set up a thing in london similar to daft one time. Dont know why Daft dont extend to the UK they would clean up, Gumtree is riddled with gangsters. Still think it would make a killing. Some load of criminals like Foxtons operating over there. And the money they charge idiot landlords. Still think it would clean up so if any of you fancied a move to London I’m sure it could be a success.

Quit stealing mine and downwiththemucker’s thoughts.

No offence - but how to fuck would you know that?

You can’t buy or sell a house without a solicitor. You may value your own legal knowledge extremely highly but don;t be pretending that you can bypass solicitor fees by heading to the law library.

Keep fishing.


Recruitment agents are really the thickest cunts you can deal with. Was away from my desk this morning for a while and came back to find a message on my work voicemail from some English recruitment agent who I’d never spoken to before looking to get hold of me to “discuss opportunities” for me. The cunt had rang through reception looking for me too. Do these lads have any brains? Who contacts someone on their work landline to talk to them about a new job? Seems like schoolboy stuff. LinkedIn is a curse for clowns like this.

I started to set up a website for a bit of work I was doing on the side, but I abandoned that website and setup a different one.
I got a phone call from a few weeks ago from a recruiter who had found the original “website”, that consisted of just a page with about 10 lines of text about what I do. She wanted me to go to Dublin for an interview as she had a job that would “suit me perfectly” and I was “the ideal candidate”. FFS, all the website page had was a few buzz words that obviously showed up in a google search.

If I didn’t know mac to be an honest upright sort i’d read that to say , oh look ay me being head hunted I am so good at my job. Mac would never post a sickening post like that while so many others are struggling to find work.


A good head Hunter wouldn’t ring you on your work phone. This lad must be in on work experience.