International Elections Thread

Thought we could do with a new thread to cover presidential and parliamentary elections from far and distant lands. We already have separate threads for Ireland, the UK, Australia, the US and Nicaragua so this thread should be for all other elections.

First round of French elections at the weekend and it was mixed results for the Left. Socialist candidate (Hollande) managed to beat Sarkozy as expected, but the margin was only one point and worryingly the third placed candidate (with 18%) was Marine Le Pen.

The second round will be very tight now. Le Pen on 18% would be expected to transfer more to Sarkozy on the face of it but many of her voters are disillusioned with the current government so may opt to vote against him anyway, even if it means switching across the political spectrum to the left. The more hard-left Mélénchon picked up a respectable 11% and all his votes should go to Hollande.

A victory for Hollande would fairly dramatically change the balance of power in Europe with Merkel more exposed as a lone voice in the Euro Zone. Hollande wants to move away from austerity as the panacea for Europe’s problems and to focus on growth instead.

Growth would be a byword for inflating our way out of this problem which would be a great result for us.

We would surely be better off without that little cunt sarkozy in charge

There’ll have to be a general election in the Netherlands too after the government collapsed today due to the coalition partners failing to agree on austerity measures. The Dutch are one of the few EU countries left with a triple A rating and if they are struggling to meet the targets set down to them as part of the EU rules then it doesn’t bode well for the rest of us.

I will give my thoughts on the French election on my return from fascist madrid. But in brief, I believe that the Foreign Legion vote will fall in behind Nico and propel him and the fragrant Carla back to power.

They have an incredibly high voter turnout in France don’t they? I think the first round had nearly 80% of eligible people voting.

yeah fair play,at least they take it seriously. A French colleague of mine assures me that Hollande will win the second round. I reckon Sarko will fight like a cornered rat and will run it very close.

PP has Sarko at 4/1.

He had that DSK lad set up in New York didnt he

Hup Hollande

maybe the Socialist party did it?

Hollande?DSK was polling well against sarkozy at the time he might have been better run against him,either way it was a setup by someone

DSK set himself up. Stupid cunt.

It was easy for whoever done it hed give clinton a run for his money

The liitle Napoleon has been ousted, say the polls.

Sarko goes down with guns blazing. 3.8% between them.He’d better get home soon, Carla probably has the bag packed. Hollande promised the earth let’s see how he gets on. Apparently Merkel has a call with him tonight, expect he will fall in tomorrow.

Goodbye Merkozy, hello Merde.

Mr Hollande is from the limousine regions

Lets see if we have a politician capable of keeping his word.

The Greeks look like they’ll be going to the polls again, unless the no to bailout parties can pull together and form a coalition.
Those parties consist of everything from Facists to Communists and everything inbetween though, so its unlikely.

Very rare case of a balding man with glasses winning election to high office. The French must have been gumming to get rid of Sarko to elect a baldie.

I’m talking about the TV age here so don’t anyone bother telling me that Churchill was bald.