International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day all! Glad that the fairer sex have a day to celebrate their achievements and potential.

Big day for @backinatracksuit (Mary Poppins).

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Just so long as you can still tell them what they can and cant do with their body is it?

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Does that mean we can go back to bed while they do the work??!

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We’ll have our day on 19th November mate.

Be careful out their guys.

Just heard an ad on the radio from Eason prompting Mother’s Day. Mentioned you only have one mother, what about the female couples who are raising kids together??? In this day and age… for shame

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I’m pretty sure you only pop out of one fanny, mate …

I bet @Locke is now thinking about his ma’s sweaty fanny around his neck …

give your woman a nice pat on the backside today if that’s not something you do every day

I was just thinking I miss her since she passed away over 7 years ago :cry:


I’m sure she was a great woman who was very proud of you despite you being a bollox of a man.

You are such an uncultured child with your incessant tits and fanny jokes.

Grow up.


When is international Men’s Day?

The other 364 days mate.


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I know, right?!