IOTM Vote - March 2016

@Nembo_Kid so for missing out on the basic premise of voting for what’s actually on the ballot paper in the February IOTM Vote thread
@Hbv for not knowing the difference between Fingal and administrative Fingal
@anon59781749/@anon25556527 for posting a Cheltenham preview night video from 2013
@Chucks_Nwoko for nominating somebody for idiot of the month because they posted a link at the request of another poster
@locke flogging a dead horse here
@balbec for underestimating the success of this revitalised venture

  • Nembo_Kid
  • HBV
  • BallBouncing
  • Chucks_Nwoko
  • Locke
  • Balbec

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Poor enough round. @anon25556527 gets the nod from me.

Flash vote, voting will close at 16:30 TODAY

And there you have it. @HBV is TFK’s IOTM for February 2016. Well done kid!
Yours truly the bridesmaid, @Nembo_Kid the flowergirl.

An IOTM with 11 votes. Fuck sake.

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9 voters

Valid vote with a clear winner. Suck it!

in fairness it was a massive faux pas by HBV that won him the award

Name the 4 big men who voted for me.

FFS, will you give some warning of these votes you UUCOM. :rollseyes:


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@Locke, what’s going on man? No last push for nominations. No advance warning of an impending vote. A flash vote whereby forum stalwarts didn’t even get a chance to vote. It’s a fucking disgracefully run operation here.

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Flash vote on a Monday afternoon???


I feel disenfranchised.

Locke is doing a grand job so

I’ve slept through my debut in an IOTM finale.

@locke gets my April nomination for this abomination.


For fucks sake, I feel cheated that I didn’t get to vote for @Chucks_Nwoko

All input is welcomed and I will try and make sure that the great institution that is IOTM runs more smoothly. Thanks for the feedback.