Iraq / Middle East / Murder Thread

23 people killed in car bombs today.

Sickening scenes.

That is terrible news, working out the 50:1 ratio that is almost the equivalent of 0.5 of a westerner being killed but still pretty sad news all the same.

55 according to this website so death toll rises to 1.1. This will be all over the news tomorrow.

[quote=“Horsebox, post: 760070, member: 1537”]55 according to this website so death toll rises to 1.1. This will be all over the news tomorrow.[/quote]
Front page on all the papers for sure.


Probably some western imperialists behind it

27 people killed in a suicide bomb in a cafe in Baghdad today.

What do you expect living in Baghdad.

Was there tourists/visitors caught up in it or something?

Ah, shit news. Was the Baghdad Marathon on today by any chance?

ISIS, the latest Islamic militia group to the rise to prominence in Iraq, have been reported as having looted The Bank of Iraq and getting away with the equivalent of $459million in Iraqi Dinar. They also reportedly captured a fleet of Black Hawk helicopters.

Mission accomplished

Will they still be lining up against Goldie in the traditional curtain raiser to the Boat Race next year, after this dastardly stunt?

I blame this man

Reports just in that this crowd ISIS are about to march on Bagdhad, it’s all about to kick off again. You have to hand it to the Iraqi’s, they know how to do the whole war thing properly and make it box office not like those pussy Ukranians

No build up or nothing. War starts of a Monday and they’ve it half over by the Thursday.

No frills war, can’t beat it

Some lad on the radio this morning was really bad mouthing this ISIS crowd. Saying they want to establish a jihaddist state from which they can launch attacks on the west. Apparently large numbers of their troops are EU and US citizens who have returned home to fight and that this will make it far easier for them to launch attacks in Europe and the US.

Is ISIS the coolest name yet for a rebel/terrorist/insurgency/freedom fighter/ popular front/ type movement? Newspaper headline writers will be wetting themselves all over the world with the fun to be had with this one*

*Or would be if anyone still read the newspapers