Iraq / Middle East / Murder Thread


If it comes to this can we (Iran) win?


Iran’s allies have held their own in Yemen against fairly formidable opposition including US drone strikes. They are getting the upperhand in Syria & Iraq lately as well, though they are kind of on the side of the US in that one indirectly. Iranians are tough bastards and they are well battle hardened at this stage, in a straight fight they’d be hard bet. But the Sauds could have US backing in any conflict so they’d be up against it in a traditional war.


The Saudis wouldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag


Why are the US so anti-Iran?


Iran doesn’t start wars.

It finishes them.


1979 revolution when they toppled their placeman the Shah.


In exchange for pricing all their oil sales in US Dollars the US will do whatever the Saud’s want. In return they have a currency for which there is unlimited demand and as such they are free to fund themselves by printing money at will without eroding the underlying value of the dollar. As far as the US are concerned it’s cheap at twice the price.


They won’t have a US puppet running their state - enough to paint them as the devil and impose sanctions.


The Americans regard any resistance to their interests as aggression. Any country that wishes to remain independent and non-aligned is regarded as a terrorist state, bringing ‘instability’ to the region. The American posture towards Iran since it became clear that Iran would not blindly support US policy has been one of relentless aggression and violence.


I presume this was a Saudi inspired move against Iran this morning, the Saudis emboldened by Trumps backing last week.


Don’t forget Mrs. Strong and Stable.


From a few hours before the attack


What did Trump say or do in the Middle East last week, he has them all at each other.


Clearly Trump is trying to forge an alliance between the gulf states and Israel. It’s not the first time it’s been tried, it dates back to the Arab League initiative in 2002.


No outraged tweets from Twitler about the ISIS attack in Iran.

One doesn’t make outraged tweets about things one supports, I guess.

There are two kinds of ISIS as far as Trump is concerned.

Bad ISIS and good ISIS.

Today we saw the “good ISIS” in action.


Rumour has it it’s what did for saddam and gaddafi.


He told them to drive out the extremists.




Iran & Venezuela pushed for OPEC to switch to trading oil in euros a few years back.
Remarkably both have had economic difficulties, sanctions and government upheaval since.

That article was about two months before America brought a large dollop of freedom their way post 9/11. An event with little of no links to Iraq & a whole trail of them to Saudi Arabia.

Gaddafi (or however it’s spelt) was of course trying to bring in a pan african dinar for the trade of oil & other resources in the run up to Libya’s liberation.

You sound like a crazed conspiracy nut when you say it out loud but it’s all easily verifiable, they don’t even really bother to hide it.


They don’t have to. If there’s one thing the media can be trusted on it’s to never ask the obvious questions