Iraq / Middle East / Murder Thread


They don’t need to, they pay others to do it for them.


I have it on good authority that a large driver of the diplomatic isolation of Qatar by ME states is an intent to destroy Qatar Airways and make the path to an Etihad / Emirates merger much easier.


Fake News


Ah jaysus




Al Jazeera who are based from Qatar are on the receiving end of a malicious cyber attack apparently.


Those damned Russians again.


Its not a conspiracy mate,

Its a fact…as you eloquently put it…pricing barrels of oil in USD is what its all about.

Any narrative against that is dealt with.


Europe is far more dependent on ME oil than the US. The US is now only importing 7% of its oil and exporting natural gas. Europe imports 80% of it’s crude, much of it from Russia, Iraq, Libya and Saudi.


The pricing of it is the key pal.

The US have been holding back their reserves for years.


Unrelated to my point. The US is no longer dependent on ME oil. Europe are the ones keeping the Saudis and neighboring countries in business.


Isn’t about the oil it’s about the demand for dollars. Middle East awash with dollars, unlimited demand for US Treasuries, unlimited demand for US goods, weapons etc. US then can spend more than the next twenty countries combined on their military and bring freedom to the world


Tinfoil hat stuff mate.


It’s all about keeping the USD the currency that’s used in arguably the most important commodity in the world still to this day.

cc @Julio_Geordio


Freedom which is open to interpretation.


Documented fact mate


Things heating up nicely


The US selling em jets after they calling them out for funding terrorists you couldn’t make it up :sweat_smile:.
Obviously a subtle hint to the Saudis that they don’t have US backing here but still :sweat_smile:


You couldn’t make it up … The US is happy to have them all on board but attacking each other at the same time - a perpetual state of war that they can manipulate as they please.


Someone has to buy the guns