Iraq / Middle East / Murder Thread



Looks like a US attack on Syria is imminent. Trump to make an address tonight, which presumably will be within the next hour or so.

A US President with a monkey brain directing it all, what could go wrong.


Bombing campaign underway, says the monkey brain.

US/UK/France all involved.


And we’re off


This warrants a new thread @Sidney


So much for British parliamentary sovereignty, eh.


Donald Trump giving lectures lol


This will go on for a while by the sounds of it. The only winners will be ISIS


Trump is doing this to deflect from the neck deep shit he’s in at home.


Himself and May engineered the whole thing to turn their dire approval ratings


The chemical attack was real. Russia have no credibility at all and are proven liars.

But Trump is a mentalist and will fuel conspiracy theories by doing this a day before the OPCW were due to start work in Syria. His new National Security Adviser Bolton is a complete mentalist.

Mattis has been badly undermined here.

May is a pushover. Even pro-attack Tories were demanding that a parliamentary vote be taken on this. Corbyn should make hay over it.


So why did the cheese eating surrender monkeys join in? Is Macron that unpopular already?


You either believe the chemical attack was real or believe the Russians that it was staged.

Arguments against: Assad is winning the war anyway, with Russian help, so why would he do something stupid to provoke a response from the West.

Arguments for: Assad is winning the war, has the support of the Russians and wants to break the remaining resistance.

Overall I would lean towards the latter, hence destroying Assad’s chemical weapons program is to be welcomed. Unlike the prior bombing this seems to be a serious destruction of the R&D and production facilities.


Assad is obviously no angel, but the scenario being flagged doesnt make sense




The war is more less won, why would they decide to gas 500 civilians?


Because they’ve got the support of the Russians, a nuclear superpower and Iran who have major interest in the region, and don’t believe the West has the balls to respond? This is obviously big pushback against the Russians who want to establish a presence on the Mediterranean, and form an alliance with Iran in the region.

There is no way the Israelis will allow that for one.


Cos they can, innit.

It’s not a coincidence that last week’s attack and last year’s attack both came in response to comments by Trump - last year that the US was not interested in ousting Assad and a couple weeks ago that the US would pull troops out of Syria.

Trump hasn’t a clue what he’s doing.


Come on mate, you’re well aware of the proxy wars going on there.

It seems to be all smoothed over now anyway thankfully.


Bolton going into his administration is a big worry.

The hawk of all hawks.