Iraq / Middle East / Murder Thread


It’s all proxy war obviously, otherwise the nukes. would already be flying.


It’s good to see the old WWII allies back together again. French, UK and US fighting side by side against evil bastards like Assad. Something Bush couldn’t accomplish.


We’ve seen what regime change in the ME has achieved in the past. The place is nuts, the West flapping around now just seems v convenient to me after 400 thousand civilian deaths over the last 7 years, especially since the war is more or less over.


Trump in this situation is still far better than Hillary.


The big picture is the spectre of Russian / Iranian control of the ME, imagine those cunts controlling most of Europe’s oil and gas supply.


40% of Europe’s gas and nearly 30% of its oil already comes from Russia.


Correct, and if they gain control of the ME with Iran it would be closer to 100%.


An actual monkey would be better than Trump in all situations, never mind this one.


Versus the Saudi cunts?

Syria was fairly secular as ME countries go a few years ago. The pipeline through are key, the fawning over civilians is utter shite…none of them give a shit about them…on both sides.




But I thought you insisted Trump was Putin’s puppet?

Wrong again Sid. Sad!


The Russian US ambassador is squealing like a stuck pig.


Deary me. You are very easily fooled, aren’t you? It’s almost like you’re a strawman gullible redneck idiot.

I note you haven’t commented on Cohen’s lies that he wasn’t in Prague.

Take your time, now.


Just admit you were wrong, again.

Fuck sake, still flying the Russian collusion narrative. Even Mueller has given up at this stage and is chasing payments to whores.


You’re at stage 10 denial, mate.

Don’t worry, I’m sure you still have a few more stages to go through yet.

You’re a special case.

Take your meds and watch Fox now, like a good lad.


I’m watching CNN. Go to bed mate, it’s 4AM. I’ll fill you in on developments overnight.

What do you make of French involvement? I thought Macron was the resistance to Trump/May in Europe?


Take your meds there now, like a good lad.


Tremendous leadership from President Trump


Even brought the frogs along, some going.


He’s the leader of the free world. He commands serious respect. Great leadership from him at the moment