Ireland could host the Rugby World Cup

With the aid of the GAA of course. Looking at the grounds in New Zealand and with that country the same size population wise, why not?

Dublin x 2
Limerick x 2

These are all fine grounds that could be used. Get a bit of pride back on via island of Ireland

Fuck off


Sorry, and Portlaoise

Fuck off.

It is a more than feasible idea and they probably wouldn’t need as many of the GAA grounds that you have listed. In 1999 and 2007. Wales techincally hosted it in 1999 with three stadiums with games also being played in Ireland, Scotland, Frace and Twickenham. Same with France in 2007, both Murreyfield and the Millenium stadium were used.

With the Aviva, Croke Park, Thomond, the new development at the Maze up north, Ravenhill, a redeveloped Sportsground in Connaught, the RDS and probably somewhere like Pairc UI Chaoimh when redeveloped would more than suffice along with the Millenium stadium and Murreyfield

if by fine grounds you mean uncovered stands comprosing mainly of shitty terraces & poor facilities then yes they are fine grounds

even the stands are below par with belowpar seating

Agreed, he hasn’t even taken into account how big a logistical nightmare it would be for fans to get to some of the rural outposts he has named

We’ll get Mary Davis to organise it and bring it to Ireland.

We couldnt hold a piss up.

true- id cringe if someone from Rome had to go to cork or galway

Whatever about that imagine them having to make the treck from leafy Fingal to somewhere like Clones, Kilarney or Castelbar

Imagine if some poor cunt got on the 16 bus by mistake?! The horrors.

Look at the grounds being used down under; plenty of uncovered stands, small grounds for the less supported games. All the grounds can be upgraded of course but the foundations of grounds are there. This is a viable project, why are people so down beat?

i have watched 0 minutes of the idiotball world cup but i know for a fact that there would have to be major upgrading of agrisport stadiums to get them to meet the standards th french italian & brits would expect- do they still have benches for seats?

You are dealing with negative dour cunts here locke with no foresight, imagination or self belief. Its no surprise to see them shoot down any ideas like this, of course we could hold a WC.

Think of all the employment that could be generated if we were to, say, build a covered stadium. I’m sure a CB from a county would buy into the idea for the future with the govt stumping up a large amount of the capex require for the project. This makes sense!

I don’t think that is up for dispute. Wales hosted the thing in 1999 with only three stadiums. We could host it no problem without needing to use all the GAA grounds that locke has named above apart from Croke Park. Although I presume they would also look to incorporate a newly developed PUC as well as it would be the only place in Cork that would be feasible

The Aviva, Croke Park, a developed PUIC and Thomand. Co-host with Scotland and Wales.

Technically it isn’t co hosted, but when hosted in the Northern Hemisphere the other 6 nations venues are used as well

The Maze development, Ravenhill, the RDS and a redeveloped Sportsground in Galway would/could also be used. That is 8 venues, think New Zealand have a dozen. The other 4 could be in the Britain and France.

It will either be Ireland or Scotland that will host it 2023 by the looks of it