Ireland - Euro 2012

Steven Reid has confirmed he would accept a recall to the squad…

Reid said he will come back if there are injuries to others but doesn’t see it happening

Would have him back in a heartbeat truth be told.

Reid speaking well here. Not making a big issue of the injury comments and would clearly love to play if circumstances allowed it.

Jesus, he’s fairly bitter about Trap’s comments about his knee that time. Who knows whether Trap was misinterpreted or not or was just talking shite of the ‘cat in a sack’ type nature?

He gave impression he would like to be back but he’s not sure it would be right after not featuring in campaign.i wouldn’t read too much into him accepting recall if there were injuries.he is just trying not to act the cock imo…rocko can these posts be moved to euro thread is quite important to me.

He is decent guy of difference between him and Ireland(not that you were comparing them).

I’d like an Ireland at Euro 2012 thread as well as the more general Euro 2012 thread. We need one thread reserved for our guys.

Was he not making a big deal of it or was he fairly bitter? Id say there’ll be few if any new faces breaking in. One of the best things about trap is the depth he’s built up. Only Dunne irreplaceable now

I’d also like to set up a seperate one for the forum’s Italian community.

Maybe I read too much into it. I agree with larry that he seems like a good guy and was very engaging and open in the interview. He said he was very disappointed with Trap’s comments that he may never play again. Said it was the last thing he needed to hear when he was going through the toughest rehab of his career. Said he made his decision to concentrate on club football purely so he could prolong his football career. Would accept a recall but it would probably only happen if we were hit by injuries and is not likely. Gilroy made the point about Trap’s comments often being lost in translation and he said fair enough…

I think Robbie would take a lot of replacing if he got injured as well. No doubt the other 4 or 5 strikers can do a job but none have anywhere near the goal scoring instincts or the movement to get on the end of chances like Keane and without him in the team our goal scoring chances are greatly diminished

Indeed and good point regarding depth.he didn’t like comments but reckons there could have been language issues.i thought to be honest that he would be more reluctant about coming back.glad he is up for it.i know KIB disagrees but I thought he was superb for us.

Rocko, could you please set up a thread in support of Kevin Kilbane to make the Euro 2012 squad as well please. I think he deserves a thread of his own


Stokes is the only other Irish striker that has that quality to his game and he’s about 7th or 8th in the pecking order at the minute. On current form Doyle should be nowhere near the squad, but he will definitely go and most likely be Keane’s chosen strike partner.

Pat Fenlon and Alan Matthews were scathing of John Delaney’s behaviour there. :mad:

I think Doyle will struggle to get his place back to be honest. Cox, Walters and Long have all played better than him recently and I think they’re more likely to get chances to impress in the friendlies.

Players who could come into the squad/team…
Hoolihan (might not fit into our current system)
S Reid (classy midfielder in his day)
Tierney (tidy fullback)
O’Hara (was he flirting with us with his congratulatory tweet)

Just caught the end there. Ten +1s to the lad with the generic LOI accent giving out about Delaney. The man is making a serious show of himself at this stage. He could be forgiven getting carried away and coming on pitch once but he seems to think it’s his party piece now. He’s coming across as the worst type of needy attention seeking clown at this stage.

I think Meyler is the most likely to make a breakthrough if he can stay fit.