Ireland U17 girls team WC 2010

just saw on eurosport2 there Ireland U17 girls team beat Canada 1-0 in the U-17s world cup in Trinidad tonight.
the goal was a fantastic strike from a girl from Raheney whose name escapes me.
Noel King is the manager and was sent off for calling the linewoman a “f-ing disgrace” with a few mins to go.
he then went into the stand and took on all comers
Fair play to Noel and the lassies. :clap: :clap:
they are playing Ghana or Brazil next that is currently live on eurosport 2 now.

best of luck to them all

Arent half the team english or american? Saw them on the news earlier.


Get it right before you starting throwing comments like that around will you.

Six ladies on the squad were born outside of Ireland. Six. Those who weren’t all have strong Irish roots and grew up considering themselves Irish living abroad.

They are down to play Ghana in the next game. Great result tonight.

squad here

3 of the girls are listed with Reading and one from Montclair which i believe is in NJ ( id need Flano to confirm) but the rest all seem irish,
the girl from Raheney who got the goal had a smashing game…

Noel King deserves a :clap: :clap:

So more then half the team are english or american. Thank you Dunph.

noel has always been a results over performance type manager . bets of luck to him & the team

woah, steady on now there mate…

In fairness though, all joking aside, they have a good set up and could do well over there.
I had a quick look at their UEFA Championships results there and they clocked up some good wins. 4-0 and 1-0 wins against England for starters. :mellow:

Squad, squad.

Jaysus the goalkeeper is a dead ringer for Paddy Kenny, thats is not a good look for a fella nevermind a girl.


Goal here:

Referee had a role but that was a cracking finish.

Finish looked good on first viewing but after seeing it again it was terrible goalkeeping . The shot was nearly straight down the middle only about 6ft off the ground and there was no pace on the shot.

Our right full seems to have had a tough time of it.

I shouldn’t know this but they lost 2-1 to Brazil at the weekend so I presume a result against Ghana is required to progress. We’re all very proud of Rianna Jarrett in Wexford, despite her links with Clonard GAA club.

Ireland have gone 1-0 up on Ghana but Eurosport are showing the Brazil/Canada game.

We just conceded a penalty!

2-0 up though!

Good stream on FIFA website:

And she’s put it wide!

'Mon the Ireland.

[quote=“Bandage, post: 515394”]
And she’s put it wide!

'Mon the Ireland.
[/quote] :clap: Hon Ireland!

First goal was a freekick from the left wing that was floated all the way into the net. Commentator credited her with spotting the keeper off her line. :lol:

Second goal was Ghana overplaying it at the back and an attempted risky pass was blocked and the loose ball was hammered home emphatically into the roof of the net. Very good strike actually.

Killeen down the left wing looks like a smashing player.

Our keeper made a great save just after they missed a penalty; she looks a bit like Paddy Kenny.

Commentator just said, ‘All the green ribbons in the Irish players’ hair are done by Stacie Jane Donnelly - she’s an apprentice hairdresser.’ :lol: