Ireland v Denmark 18/11/2019

Forget the last few days, it’s done.

We’ll batter these wanna be Swedes… But we have to learn major lessons from tonight, from Number1 to 11, every player needs to be in the refs ear against Denmark…dont worry about passing it, we can’t do it anyway, just put it up em and badger the Fuck out of the ref.

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Are you high right now?

It’s actually set up perfectly now. Beat these delusional cunts and qualify. If we can’t beat this shower of cunts at home in a must win game we’ve no business qualifying. They are fairly fucking average, albeit slightly better than us, but home advantage should level that for us and there were some positives from tonight. Their best player is in poor enough form and the rest of the team are meh. Prediction: 2-1 Ireland with a cracking atmosphere getting us over the line.

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We’ll bate the bollix clane off em.

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We go again.

I thought we passed it fairly well against the Swiss in the 2nd half. We’ve nothing to lose, we might do ok.

(Tell me about the playoffs lads.)

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Where will we find 11 new players in the next month?

4-4-2 Whelan to sit in the pocket and man mark that cuckled cunt Eriksen, kick the living fuck out of him. Duffy to take Dolberg. Didsy and Connolly up front, McCarthy in for Hendrick hopefully.


As @Tank says what is the story with the play offs ?

I would fucking love to beat them, it would be the sweetest Ireland result of all time but realistically they’ve better players in every position. Not one of our lads would get playing for them except maybe Duffy. They’ll win this by at least 2. Sorry.

James McCarthy is soccer’s Bill Cooper

I don’t wanna hear any play off talk until post November 18th.

Fair enough but how do they operate ?

don’t worry about it. Go back to your radioactive chicken and Budweiser you piss bag.


There is a bit of that in fairness. He was very underwhelming for the majority of his Ireland career but is probably still better than what we have

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Based on Nations League. Playoffs are a semi final and final I think

He is a decent player . He can see a pass but is he up to it physically ?

Have we any absolute bastard who can spend the game whispering into Eriksons ear?

We were dogshit in the NL

can he be any worse than Hendrick?

We’ll still probably get a play off, it’s a shit system