Ireland v Sweden

Continuing the discussion from Euro 2016 - Irish Squad Watch:

Pick your team for game 1:

Pick one goalkeeper:

  • Randolph
  • Given
  • Westwood

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Pick 4 defenders from:

  • Coleman
  • Christie
  • Keogh
  • O’Shea
  • Clark
  • Duffy
  • Brady
  • Ward

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Pick 5 midfielders from:

  • McGeady
  • Meyler
  • Hendrick
  • Quinn
  • McCarthy
  • Whelan
  • Walters
  • Hoolahan
  • McClean
  • Brady

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Pick 1 striker:

  • Long
  • Keane
  • Murphy

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Is this binding? Does O’Neill have to go with the consensus here?

Yes. This is a contract between TFK and the FAI.


Who else voted so far…there’s just been the two of us…

I would go:

Coleman Keogh Clark Ward
Walters McCarthy Hendricks Brady


Jesus middle of defence is a serious worry. Apart from that, the team I picked should be aiming for last 4 minimum.

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It keeps cancelling out my vote before I can confirm it. Like an Iraqi or Libyan election or something.

Yeah, you gotta be quick, pal.

I can’t trust ward. Gives me nightmares…


Is there seriously some lad who thinks “Slab” is a better option than Long?

Same as that. Hendricks was woejus tonight though.

Albeit I gave up watching at halftime.

TFK appears to have awarded Jeff Hendrick an “s” at the end of his surname. Hendricks was injured for a good while in fairness and only returned to the Derby team for the second leg of the play-off semi. He’ll be sharper in 10-14 days.

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Vol. Jeff Hendrick to you, pal.

Like Rory Jacobs

Hendrick sounds shit.

Hendricks sounds like a rock star.

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Coleman, O’Shea, Keogh, Christie
Whelan, McCarthy
Walters, Hoolahan, Brady

Coleman, clark,Keogh brady
Whelan, McCarthy
Walters, hendricks, mcclean


Thats the team id like to see @Nembo_Kid, but oshea to start


Coleman Clark Keogh Brady
Whelan McCarthy
Walters Hoolahan Hendrick

Biggest question is whether O’Shea should start instead of Clark or Keogh. I’m loath to pick Whelan as he’s so limited, but he gives the team shape and McCarthy seems comfortable beside him (the other question is McCarthy’s fitness). I’d expect McGeady to make a few appearances off the bench, probably for Wes as he tires (not necessarily to go in as the No 10, but if you’re taking a creative player off, you need to have something approximating creativity on) along with McClean and Robbie of course getting a few minutes if we’re desperate. I hope Roy has Vol McClean pumped out of his fucking head as he’ll scare the shite out of the mild mannered Swedes and Belgian’s and will more than likely start a major diplomatic incident with Italy, hopefully.
Coleman and Brady have to be allowed to attack the wings, in which case Whelan and Hendrick will have to drop to cover.
Predictions now: Ireland 1 - Sweden 0
Belgium 2 (1 pen) Ireland 1
Ireland 0 Italy 0
Italy will score 1 goal in the tournament, Sweden won’t win a match, and we’ll go through.