Ireland vs Qatar - Peat v Oil Derby

I 100% believe we will not win this game. Play the seniors players, lump it long, put ‘em under pressure. Anything at this stage.

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Qatar are probably better than us and will be taking it more seriously as well

Senior players? They are the problem. If Kenny wants to hold on to his job he needs to bomb out these lads.

Qatar beat Luxembourg so should beat Ireland

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Kenny should be going for evolution rather than revolution.

At this stage there’s no point in playing lads that won’t be there for the next Euro qualifying campaign

Duffy bench warmer at Celtic. McClean, Long both bench warmers at Stoke and Bournemouth. Hendrick bench warmer at Newcastle. They all need to be phased out.

Poor Kenny, as if he didnt have enough on his plate, he gets asked to comment on this. He should have looked at the reporter and just said “really?” and moved on.

This is very weird behaviour from offtheball. The irish soccer media have a lot to answer for

Jesus Christ. The serious earnest tone of yerman speaking as well

Who’s the lady pundit?

This being on RTE gives it a bit more significance. If it was on Sky nobody would watch or care

There’s no need to differentiate by her gender , you pig.

Did he refer to the male pundits as gents or gentlemen?

Who’s the pundit in the floral dress?

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Another 2 for Mitrovic tonight. Some record he has


Daryl Horgan has been quite impressive whenever he’s got a chance under Kenny

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You pig

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We looked better in 3 minutes tonight than in 90 mins on Saturday

Edit - penalty now

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