Ireland vs Qatar - Peat v Oil Derby


The old dogs for the hard road

It’s hilarious how far outside the box he sprayed the line after originally thinking it was a penalty


McClean after getting caught out a few times

What happened for the goal? Only switching it on now

Is there anyway we could do a reverse Israel and go over and play these lads for qualifying?

That was a fine cross after some walking pace build up play opened us up

That was some defensive header from their striker

Here comes Parrott this will be interesting. Pity for Brady he could use the game

Quick corner routine pulled back to McClean and deflected in. We’ll see how Parrott does now

One pass and the whole defence is open and super Jimmy McClean pops up out of nowhere to save their blushes

Jesus Christ Long

Has to score that

Made it easy for the gulf cech

You can forget about Robbie Brady

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I know he is a sub for Wycombe but Daryl Horgan always hugely impresses me.

Pity cause he has ability but always injured.

Petro Cech

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If the Quatari chap had lifted his head his teammate would have walked it in.

Isn’t there only like a handful of actual Qataris. Are these lads all guns for hire or whats the craic