Ireland vs Spain

The tournament starts here.

I’m predicting a 1-1 draw.

We put the brick on the accelerator.

hopefully they will score a couple early on then bring on torres to spare us humiliation

No McGeady, no Ward. Pick McClean and Hunt. Go fucking mental. Start Walters and start an aerial bombardment, from the half back line if we have to. Yellows and Reds all over the gaff. Spain win 2-1 in one of the most epic games of the tournament.


:ireland: :ireland: :ireland: :guns: :guns: :clap: :clap: :pint: :pint: :pint:

Total humilation at least a 2-0 win for Spain. I’m sick of all the shit.

Christ I fucking hate people like you Anto. If you don’t want to support your country, then fuck off and stop slagging them.

Fuck you Fitzy, tell DDB, CM, and the rest stop slagging the rugby team. Ireland proved they are a disgrace at soccer.

Fuck off Anto you cunt.

2 wrongs don’t make a right

[quote=“Anto, post: 690621”]

Fuck you Fitzy, tell DDB, CM, and the rest stop slagging the rugby team. [/quote]
This may very well be the most deeply pathetic post placed on this forum and proof that anto may in fact be 12 years old.

The revenge for Suwon 2002 starts here…

How is the junior cert going, mate?

We are going to beat Spain.

Noel Gallagher, Jack Charlton and Dara O’Briain all visited me in a dream and said so.

how can some fcuker called Anto be anti soccer and pro rugby. An Anthony that was a rugger bugger would be called Tony or the T man or some other such nonsense. A gaa man with this type of approach to life would be nicknamed the hole in a play on the irish version of his name as all his team mates would have heard numerous primary teachers calling him Antoin ( combined with his being an asshole of course)
is this a wum of some type.

Some simple Maths here. If Ireland lose to Spain they’re gone.

I thought Navas offered an awful lot when he came on yesterday and I would expect him to start against Ireland. Torres will hardly see game time again - will Llorente get a run?

Navas is a terrific player and he did add a dimension to their play. They might well go with Llorente for the Ireland game and rest Fabregas. I can’t see Torres starting a game for them

I’ve just actually resd this post and realised what this cunt has said.

Rugby? Seriously? FFS.

what an utter tard.

Cant see much happening with this game though. I’m sure well be defending better, and it will be backs against the walls stuff, but that wont help things. May as well go down fighting, throw everything at them and give it a go at least. nothing to lose for going out and trying to beat them instead of sitting back and hoping to counter attack.

some simple english comphrehension here we are already gone