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Autism in its true form?
I’m sure there are better and worse cases.
I never said autism does not exist. I said the spectrum is a load of bollix and helps nobody.

It’s all this other stuff labelling a kid because they struggle with a certain aspect if life or skills is my issue.

And ok, if we want to get technical, Where I see it most is with Aspergers. That’s “on the spectrum”. Yet every 2nd kid is clearly not autistic whatsoever. They are just bored with school and “hard work”.

There is no doubt whatsoever parents want their own kids labelled and pushed thru. OT’s, GP’s, teachers etc all facilitate this.

And yes the spectrum is bollix.
“Oh i’m more work than you are”
“My young fella isn’t as bad as that”
“He is further up the spetrum”
It’s unbelievable nonsense.

If somebody has a condition they fine they have it.

Like would I start tell people “hey, you Andre high up the fat spectrum now, we need to get you down a bit”

Because that’s essentially (even if unitentional by professionals) what happens.


The spectrum is a useful term in the discussion of autism, you’re problem
appears to be with the use of autism as a catch all term to define a variety of conditions, some of which you don’t believe in but all of which have plenty in common


We dominated All Ireland Club hurling Champions Cuala under 8s last week. Our core strength is off the charts.


The Clanna/Gael Fontenoy under 10s made a rag of the Crokes under 10s out in Oatlands a few weeks back. I was delighted.


I was ignoring this thread due to the high post count and seeing your name appearing beside it.

I’ve read none of the posts in it, but let me guess - you’re attributing all the problems in a particular area to S&C and you’ve a solution to all the problems that has been proven by no-one else other than a deranged lunatic. And along the way you refuse to listen to the voice of reason.


A lot of backroom problems with the under 10s. The nutritionist walked last week


Ya, not far off.

It’s reductionism coupled euth laziness and pass-the-buckmanship


Nope. I’m a Strength coach with specific qualifications in youth development.

I deal with kids from all backgrounds, conditions and ailments. I often group them together. I see that given the right environment and guided discovery that many of these kids only need the right exercise or encouragement.

There are however some kids who have extreme difficulties who need other help from other professionals.

This is very simple stuff.

Parents come to me and say “he has…”

And all that is wrong is he/she is weak, lacks coordination and thus confidence.

I am pointing out how society has completely lost the plot and medical professionals also are milking it because of this


You mightnt need the graft if was enough bone for the implants tbf. Hiw many teeth you looking at replacing!


I’m talking the whole shooting match!


Jaysus. I wont ask


Are you doing this in ireland?


if I am, yes. in the dental hospital.


There are far far far cheaper ways. I know people who went to Poland and Hungary and it was very successful.
Better dentists than any irish they encountered.


I’m sure they have but if you get into the dental hospital, the rates are significantly cheaper than normal irish dentists and you don’t have the travel nonsense and worry about aftercare.



@balbec has a smile like that after all those years in polska


I never smile bud.