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you get implants?


I think the problem is that “autism” is as much a pigeonhole as a diagnosis. There are many kinds of personality and learning quirks, some far more disabling in the modern world than others, and these myriad conditions have myriad causes, but it is impossible to classify them adequately, or offer them a distinct diagnosis, so the label “autism” is used at present.
At some point, society will decide that the term is some kind of “ist”, and think af a nice new phrase, horrified that our generation could ever use such an awful name.
Autism exists alright, and is awful in many cases, but many people who are a bit quirky are just categorised and labelled, usually at someone else’s insistence.


The dentist asked him to remove it


he didn’t wear one in the vault either


@The_Selfish_Giant was useless at GAA but excelled at tennis and sailing


In process of getting one. But when they x rayed me wasnt enough bone in top of mouth so grafted bone from jaw to top of mouth yday…needs 3 or 4 months to settle now before they will do anymore


Excuse me?

Where did I say that???


Didn’t like the physical contact. Makes sense really


might have to get the bone graft myself, but theyre not going to even consider the implants til I’m off the fags 6 months.


You don’t strike me as a natural smoker anyway art.


Ah whatever.


It only took an hour but id say there is a week in it recovery wise. The sedation wore off before i got the painkillers yday and it was not good.


How are you feeling today?


Stoned out of my box





Fucking gobshites. You are up there with @Mac for jumping in and being completely wrong.

Always a sign I have ya rattled to the ninth :kiss::kiss::kiss:


I don’t know why I’m getting involved but you said the Autism spectrum is a load of bollox in this post. Unfortunately it is not. I deal with people everyday who fall somewhere on this spectrum. Some are high functioning, some can’t even speak.


Are you Kieran McGeeney?


ive an affinity with anything that’s bad for me!


lovely. that might put paid to my idea of just having all my teeth ripped out and just getting implant dentures.