Ireland's health service


This appeared in an article by Gene Kerrigan recently:

Yes, it’s time for my favourite Brendan Howlin quote again. I may have this tattooed on my forehead.

After Brendan spent two years as Minister for Health, the reality of what his government was doing dawned on him. In order to maximise the private health insurance market, the government “really required the public system to be inferior”, explained Brendan. “Why else, if it was first rate, would people pay for a private system?”


It’s a disgrace that that’s what we subject people that can’t afford private care to, the Brits have got one thing right at least.


There wouldnt be such waiting lists if PUBLIC doctors weren’t spending so much time doing private practice.


Also its pretty alarming that they use public facilities funded by the tax payer to do so.


Most tax payers have private health Insurance. They pay twice and subsidize the rest of the users.


You’d want your head examined not to have private health insurance in Oireland. Just in case you ever need to have your head examined.


Best of luck to your young man Juhy, I hope it works out for him.


It’s not getting easier. Recently I’ve developed a new issue with my blind eye. I’ve started developing blisters on it. The specialists who have looked at it over the last few weeks can’t explain why it’s happening and have fuck all solutions for it other than eye drops a few times a day to keep it all moist.
So here’s what hapens when I get a blister on my eye. It has generally happened at least once a week for the last 8 or so weeks.
I feel something pop on my eye and then it feels like I have a shard of glass or a stone in my eye. My nose starts running and tears flood from my eye. It’s very painful to blink. It’s very painful to close the eye. It’s very painful to open the eye. To the extent that I have to sit down as I feel like I’m going to faint (I’ve never fainted in my life). This can last a few hours or in the case of last week, 4 days. Hasn’t affected my sleep thankfully as I’m so fucking busy with work and life I’m fucked at the end of the day. Real problem in work that I’m learning to adapt to, as I really am incredibly busy in work at the moment.
I’m waiting for it to go off in the middle of a 35’s game sometime. A hammy or dodgy knee can be explained but they’d think I’m pulling the piss with this one.
Seeing another specialist soon, I think I’m just going to have to learn to manage this
It’s incredibly frustrating.


Jaysus, that sounds rough pal. Have you tried shov…no, no Chucks. I get really dry contact lenses so I can really equate to your painful blisters.



Hope the specialist sorts it out a chara


How did that eye get damaged in the first place fitzy?


That sound wicked pal. Hope you recover soon.


Jaysus boss sounds rough, hope it clears up soon.


Sorry to hear that mate, rinse your eye out with salt water three times a day for three days and that should clear it up for you.


I’m serious about the salt water.


We should have putting a claim in after what happened my father but not getting into it. Just simply shocking.


Get a complaint form at the least. There’s cunts in there that get away with all sorts and if people don’t complain in writing they won’t be challenged and won’t change.


It happened over 15 years ago when he was getting a triple bypass. Too late for forms now id say bud.


Here. Tell you what it is. They’ll coke you til the eyeballs on the NHS. But you’ve gotta sign up for the big programme. Dilemma city USA squared. Go fig